How Slimming Weight With Diet Pisang Ambon

Having a body that is slim is the desire of every person. To get a slim body that we can consume the fruit, one of which is a banana Ambon. Diet by eating bananas as the main menu has been widely known and tried a lot of people. But the type of banana what we would have to consume a diet? Well, one type of banana that can be used for our diet are bananas. Banana can be taken with skimmed milk when running weight loss program.

Diet Pisang Ambon

The content of bananas are rich in fiber help in digestion of food. In 10 grams of fruit bananas are at least 136 calories. These calories will be used as energy.

Replacing some of the food that is lower in fat and high carbohydrate with banana fruit can help in weight loss.

Other content of banana is vitamin B complex, vitamin C, B6, protein, beta-carotene serotonin, fat, carbohydrates and some minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

In addition to the content of banana fruit is high folic acid content in which folic acid is indispensable in improving the fertility of husband and wife.

Back to the matter of diet, well how many bananas will we eat during this diet?

For one day, we can consume bananas by 4 units. In the morning we can consume 1 fruit bananas and skim milk as breakfast. For daytime menu, we can consume green vegetables such as spinach, salad, mustard and others.

For snacks during the day we can still consume these green banana. Or if you are tired, can consume more fruits that contain lots of water such as a pear or kiwi fruit or fruit juice and apples. Fruits – Fruits rich in vitamin C and helps in losing weight for some snacks or other snacks replaced by fruit – fruit this.

For dinner could consume bananas back with plus other vegetables. Do it for 3 days in advance to see the effects of this dietary changes.

Keep your eyes on your medical condition that will not happen something undesirable. This is because the body condition of each – each person is different. Also make sure you are not suffering from ulcer disease. By way of diet green banana , then we can lose weight by replacing a diet that has a high carbohydrate content with fruit, especially bananas are rich in fiber, vitamins and other minerals. May be useful.

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