How to Buy and Know the Used Car

Tips for my friends who plan to buy a good car though used. Sometimes lay wonders how so quickly assess the car. First they are diligent to go back and forth the little ads in the newspaper and they are diligently browsing the internet make them memorize price tag. But if the public is busy guns had time to memorize the price can at least be a good vehicle suit the power of the bag.

Important at least do first determine the type of vehicle according to the needs of life and family everyday like mobil daihatsu jogja. Do not buy pickups if you do not need to haul them every day. If a har need transport rent not every day. Do not use sedan if the house in the village is not paved. Do not buy a mini hatchback if you like family much. Do not buy 7 seater if only one child and house type 21.

No need to buy 4×4 SUVs if the house is not in the forest, not working in the mine, not the crane, and not following the club offroad. Buy as needed daily. Second, learn how to fill your pockets alias truth to yourself. Many people just loose but diligently wandering at the exhibition or dealer to grab a new car brochure. They say “who knows how to buy sometime” or “maybe get a prize” or “dream can it?” Or the most severe “if you win the lottery”.

Focus on bag and model strength is needed (not desirable) then use the remaining power and time to choose which is still good. Third, the technical problem of choosing a car. We never know which car is really good condition. But we can learn who the owner and the character car bring. Buying a car from a friend or a known person is very important.

The first escapes the fools because they will think twice to deceive people closely. Second important trace parts what ever replaced and not yet replaced so that the maintenance of the car purchased can be continuous and efficient. The name of a used car is the absence of old or damaged parts that is natural. The important thing is not in the street because it can be detected earlier. Fourth, still about the technical stuff of the car. You are planning to buy a car must be careful start body.

Browsing internet photos of one type of car selected. Look for photos when the new is a car. Then learn the details: lights, grill, gutter, grout window door, composition machine, cable machine, and interior fittings. Just record casually in the head. Important: just specify one brand and type of car following year (do not be tempted to switch). Dull glowing lights indicate the car is often dried in the sun or dry sun. Glass of plain car without writing arises or screen printing signifies it imitation.

Car care car owners park and keep the car he is usually very thorough also take care of him. Pay attention to the front and back windshield rubber. Rubber that already cracks will be vulnerable to leak when it rains. Rubber that has been disiller black glue ordinary ever dismantled or at least problematic. Glass ever dismantled means never replace glass or car has been repainted. Do not buy a formal car that the glass has ever been replaced unless it can be ascertained that the glass attached is special for the car.

Rupture of the windshield when driving safely to the skin while the can penetrate sharp passengers. Usual car glass there is a car brand writing post on the edges. If there is no forget to buy. Make sure the grout width between the door and the frame is the same width around all the doors. If the difference may have been welded extra or putty; Meaning that once hit or destroyed. The gutters above the rusted doors indicate that the car has no private garage or just a carpot that often comes with rain. Make sure the door when closed flat with the body instead of protruding.

Open the hood and door inside look for stickers attached. If there is no / missing ordinary it has been closed paint again. Repeat paint can also of the quality of the shadow of the person in the body paint or can be seen in rubber glass and doors. Regular rubber patches though a little rubber would seem. Open the carpet to see the floor intact or porous. No less important look in the dashboard of the car.

If the dasboard panel on the missing wire would surely have a lot of electrical problem later. So if you already fall in love to buy must be immediately rushed in the dynamo engine to be ordered or replace the cable before the fire on the road. Tips to buy a car that dasboard is neat and the panels do not disappear holes also no wires sticking out. The neat owner does not feel at home with such an oddity.

Dasboard tidy must be a conscientious person repair car. Car leather upholstery that has been deflated torn skin car sign is tired to work also Car seats are still muscular looking notched curves marks rarely overload with high intensity. If the horn’s hoist in the steer is dull, the marks of the owner’s owner are impatient. A car belonging to an impatient person is usually treated just functionally not loved. Normal power panels can at least show electricity safely.

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