How To Create A Box

If you want to create individual pieces of your own build so that they can be reset at a later date or taken along with you if you move to a new home, you can follow the techniques shown here. In this section, this is the basic basis of the construction details. The first part of the building is a box that is the top and bottom side. This section can be combined in various ways.

The one you choose depends on the tools you have, the time you want to spend on building the results and the results you want to achieve. Of course, a bunch of shelves to be built in the underground workshop need not be the same as those added in the living room. Hinged doorless storage cabinets that are made to hold soap powder and related items in the laundry room should look like cabinets harga mdf made to accommodate cutlery in the dining room.

Use your own imagination and talent and get the best job you need for this location. No matter what the built-in, it will add to the appearance of your home.

Adding Rear Panel

The rear panel is required with many built-in. This panel can be made from any number of materials. If it is hidden, placed on the wall, you can use a 1/8 ‘hardboard or ¼’ plywood. On the other hand, if the back panel is exposed, as in the case of a room divider, you will want to use interesting results. One of the aforementioned materials can be used and then painted, or you can use hardwood plywood to match the wooden and top sides. In some cases, you can use ¾ ” plywood and close the back panel with laminated plastic, such as Formica or Micarta.

In the plans given later in this section, there are many different mounting methods used for the back panel. For the purpose of simplicity, there is a part of this built-in section, three simple methods that every builder can use. Check them closely and see which one best suits your needs. In one instance, all you need is a hammer or screwdriver and a rear panel mounted in place. However, if you want the back panel protruding so that it is doused with the top, side and bottom edges, you will find a choice of two additional methods to attach the rear panel.

Plan all construction details carefully before you start cutting the pieces. This will save you time and labor.

How to add Rack

Once the base “box” and the rear panel are tied have been disconnected, you can plan other details. Note that planning precedes the building, because modifications are often necessary as you progress with your planning. Therefore, complete all your planning before you put your work to cut.

While the technique of adding shelves is an important factor, the thickness of the rack must be decided first. If the shelf will support heavy loads or if it extends over long distances without the other, but the tip supports, it is necessary to use thicker wood than if the rack will only accommodate a few knick-knacks or just 12 “long.


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