How to create a secret app on Android to hide you know what


Imagine you have an app that you do not want people to see with the naked eye. Let’s take, for example, a certain app from a certain website with certain adult videos whose color is black and orange (we understand each other, right?). Surely we do not want anyone who picks up our phone to see that application there, so maybe we’re more interested in camouflaging it or making it go unnoticed. This, with a simple trick, can be done.

The best thing of all is that what we are going to use is an application that surely you know: Nova Launcher. If you do not already have this application launcher, my recommendation is that you click on this green button below and install it. You do not need anything more than that. If you already have it installed, let’s get started!

How to camouflage an app on Android

Nova Launcher, besides having several options of personalization of animations and gestures, allows us to modify the way in which the applications are shown. In the same way that we can change the icons of the app, we can change its label, or what is the same, the name that is shown under the icon in both the application drawer and the home screen.

This is exactly what we are going to do with that app we want to hide. I, for that matter, will hide the WhatsApp application. We just have to open the app drawer, locate the app, left click on the icon and bring it to where it says “Edit”. There we will open a window where we can modify the name that shows the app and the icon of it. I, for example, have renamed it “Pokémon GO” and I have changed the icon for this Pokéball.

Now, as you can see in the image below, in the application drawer does not appear WhatsApp but does appear Pokémon GO, with its respect icon. However, when the WhatsApp opens, it is the application that is camouflaged. For that app we talked about at the beginning of the article you can try to put “Math” or “Calculator +” and change the icon to the one of the calculator. Surely nobody gives you to use it, and your secret will be kept safe.

What is that application you are going to hide?

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