How to Decorate the Perfect Stay in 7 Moves

How to Decorate the Perfect Stay in 7 Moves

The perfect stay does not exist. Or rather, it does not exist absolutely, because every environment needs to be studied and designed based on the different needs. The ideal living room for an acronym will in fact be very different from family-friendly living, and likewise the home to the sea will not have a similar environment to the mountain, just to make some examples. There are, however, rules that can be considered valid in general, advice that can always be useful let us find them together in this Book of Ideas! Let’s go through the pictures to figure out how to furnish the perfect stay in 7 moves.

We measure room measurements

The first step in arranging the living room is to carefully measure the size of the room in order to choose the right size furniture. Let’s not forget to consider any niches or recesses, which are fundamental when you have the furniture.

The advice is to reproduce the environment in scale so that different types of arrangements can be assessed.

We define the different functional areas

Once the exact measurements have been made and a plan of the living room we can use it to define the different functional areas of the environment Depending on the available space, we can only provide a seating area or even enter a dining area and maybe even a studio corner.

We define which elements to insert and where to place them

When we have decided how to organize the stay, we can begin to think about which elements to choose and where to place them. For example, we can decide how to place furniture in the living room or in what corner to place the desk.

We choose the couch

The time has come to choose the sofa depending on the size of the living room we can choose from different options, from the peninsula to the modular one, to be changed if necessary. If the living room is particularly small, the interior designer’s advice is to point on a compact and cumbersome sofa, to which perhaps 1 or 2 armchairs are to be joined, more flexible and easy to move.

Add a table of the right size

After we have chosen the sofa will be the table vault we opt for a model suitable for the size of the environment, which does not hamper the passage.

Finally we can complete the composition with a carpet, ideal for giving the unit and a touch of color to the room.

We choose the library and the fitted wall

After the corner of the living room we will be able to dedicate ourselves to the bookcase and the fitted wall, which we can already finish or make custom made, perhaps plasterboard, for a masonry effect.

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