How To Easily Eliminate Glass Car Fungus

As you know that the fungus is a problem that often interfere with human activity. Fungus can occur anywhere and anytime. Even mushrooms can also occur on the car windshield. It is certainly very disturbing vision for car drivers who want to drive a car. How come? Mushrooms in the car glass in addition to disturbing vision can also make a sense of shame as if the mobil daihatsu yogyakarta you use dirty and not dirty. Therefore, overcome the fungus in your windshield with some ways to remove the car glass fungus easily that we will provide the information in this article.

Speaking of mushrooms, it is something familiar to be heard. Usually the fungus occurs due to extreme temperatures and humidity causing the appearance of mold. Like mushrooms that occur on the car windshield, here we will give some reviews how to remove the car glass fungus easily that you can do yourself at home, among others:

1. Clean with a glass cleaner
Eliminating mold with a glass cleaner is a common thing to do, but this way is a way that is quite powerful in overcoming mushrooms in the windshield. This is also an easy way to do at home because you only need to prepare free time and cleaning glass and enough water to rinse.

2. Alcohol
If you have alcohol at home, you can use it to be used as a mushroom purifier on the car windshield. How to remove the car glass fungus using alcohol is easy enough to wet the cloth with alcohol to taste then apply on the glass car affected by the fungus. Wait for a while and rinse with clean water.
Alcohol turns out to be used to clean the fungus on the car windshield.

Approximately 50% to 90% of alcohol can be used to clean stubborn fungus on car glass. By using alcohol to clean the fungus is a fairly simple way, because it only requires a soft cloth or cotton to be able to clean it. Before moistening a soft cloth or cotton, the alcohol should be shaken first so that it is evenly distributed. Then pour the alcohol into a soft cloth or cotton and just rub it on the windshield of a stubborn mushroom. With this simple way the fungus attached to the car glass can be lost easily by buying a mushroom cleaning product.

3. Kitchen vinegar
Who would have thought vinegar kitchen that is usually used as a complementary flavor of cuisine apparently can serve as a remover of mushrooms in the windshield. The trick is to mix vinegar with clean water. 3 spoons for vinegar and 1 liter for water. Prepare a clean cloth and dip in the vinegar mixture and then apply on the glass of the existing car mushrooms. Wait for a few minutes then rinse again using a clean water-dipped cloth.

4. Toothpaste
Toothpaste that you know to brush your teeth apparently can be used to clean the car glass fungus. How to remove the car glass fungus with toothpaste by applying a little toothpaste on the glass affected by the fungus. After a few minutes, rinse with clean water.

Keeping the glass car clean is of course very important to do. Therefore, you are required to know some ways to remove the car glass fungus easily that we have conveyed above. In addition to not interfere with your views when driving, can also make the car glass to be clean and pleasing to the eye.

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