How To Easy Nail Care

Before knowing what natural ingredients can be used to treat your toenails, you can learn to know how to care for damaged toenails and odor. Damaged toenails are usually due to knocks, fractures, or the result of using shoes too narrow.

How to Care for Injured and Odorous Toenails

Toenails are escaped from attention because often covered with beautiful shoes or sandals. You may not know there is a problem in the toenail if it appears odor or pain due to damaged nails. If the problem has come up, here are tips to overcome it.

Damaged and bleeding nails, or the part of a toe that is wounded close to the nail will drain enough blood because here there are many blood vessel tissues. Immediately stop the bleeding by raising the foot higher than the position of the body and wrap tightly with bandages.

If the blood has stopped flowing, open the bandage and then wipe it with running water or mineral water so that the wound is protected from germs. Once clean, dry using a tissue or a dry towel, just given an antiseptic or a red medicine. Bandage again and reduce the activity involving too many feet like jogging, playing ball or dancing. Use the footwear with the open end, do not use shoes until the wound is completely dry.

If you do not keep the wounded toenails, the wounds can rot and cause odors.
If the wounded toenail is released, then keep it clean by routinely treating and replacing sterile bandages. Do not let the wounded toenail without a bandage until the new nail tissue has grown and hardened. Routine soaking feet in lukewarm water to prevent bacteria and germs from living in wounds that have not dried up yet.

Good Activity for Caring for Toenails
How to care for good toenails of course by preventing them injured. Like the face and also other body parts, toenails also need attention because it is the activity on the sole of the foot that requires greater power because it must sustain our bodies. The amount of pressure on the feet can also damage the toenails if not really noticed.

Rutinlah wear comfortable footwear and also open. If you have to work with closed shoes, look for comfortable shoes and also not tight for toes. For the shape of the foot that tends to wide, can use platform model wedges wedge so that toes are not tortured. Avoid using shoes with too tapered tip and too high right to make your toenails uncomfortable. Toenails will be crushed and can be broken if you use a footwear that does not fit.

Take lots of foods and drinks that contain calcium. Drinking milk and also eating vegetables that contain high calcium, will affect not only the strength of the body’s bones but also the endurance of toenails. Toenails are strong, certainly will not break easily during high activity.

Get used to wipe your toes to dry if you have just washed clothes or rain outside. The moist skin of the foot can cause mold to water fleas. Bacteria that damage the nail can also cause pus if left unchecked.

Routine soaking feet using warm water and salt. Not only makes the legs relaxed, this way is powerful to kill germs that cause foot odor. Nails will also be cleaner. In addition, diligently cut the toenails so as not to black because of a collection of dirt.

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