How To Enlarge A Small Bathroom 7 Solutions For All

How To Enlarge A Small Bathroom 7 Solutions For All

Quite often the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, one in which every square cm is strictly calculated to optimize the performance of different functions. In fact the bathroom are also many activities that take place – from hygiene to the cleansing of the body, from the wellness shares up to wash cloths and clothing -, each of which involves a different use of space and a dedicated portion of the environment. This combination of circumstances makes the bathroom involves a spatial and interior design specially dedicated project, which aims to improve the spatial quality and to transmit from the point of view of the perceptual impression of a more spacious and airy environment.

After defining the main distribution solutions and identify the location of sanitary ware, sink, bathtub or shower and washing machine we can possibly act on the boundary conditions that allow you to compose the image of a larger bathroom. The space it is not an absolute figure in architecture and configuration strictly depends on the relationship that we are able to entertain with its elements. We expect, therefore, a task a little ‘magic of extending the physical boundaries, of course, done without touching any wall.

The sight and touch, smell and synesthesia all the perceptive senses are called into question in implementing a thin design, made of materials, lights and colors. Characteristics and requirements of each surface of the bath will therefore be called into question not as an element of demarcation but as a communication interface capable of widening the prospects perceived. So we enter in our small bathroom and find points to how it can be made into a large room a breath!

A new roof

Use all the space, without exception, by thinking not only in terms of area, but the volume. This advice, which in the formulation just expressed might seem very abstract can be translated into other formula, much more understandable we give our bathroom a new roof. Although small the bathrooms are always equipped with wall space unused portions, which can transform into the ideal support for the placement of hanging elements, open or closed, which greatly enhance the capability of containment of the bathroom and the convenience of use.

storage spaces behind the mirrors

The mirrors, which we have just discussed, can be an effective resource not only in terms of space optical reflection but also, if extruded within the town compared to the ideal plane of the wall, turn into valuable asset to cherish objects for body care, towels, products for the cleaning of health and of the floor

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