How to gain weight Toddlers with this recipe

When the child stepped on a 1 year the need for a more complete nutrition and complete than ever must be met. Because a healthy child his weight will always be improved, but what if you already feel the child nutrition already fulfilled but are not experiencing weight gain? Provide the child with nutrition alone is not enough, according to health experts in addition to giving enough nutrition You should provide complete and balanced intake.

Make food Enhancer weight baby age 1 year is not difficult, you just need the right information and more creative in processing food to the fruit of your heart. Type of food weight loss Enhancer you can get from a mixture of fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, egg and milk is processed appropriately. How to gain weight with toddler recipes that bring Gizi Bayi who can become your reference as a healthy baby food menu.

Food Enhancer weight infants 1 year

1. Food Recipes rice porridge tempe

Food recipes this one not only healthy and delicious as the baby food menu but also a food Enhancer weight toddlers. For how to present it fairly easy, first the mother must prepare the material – material here. Read also: Tips to increase the weight of the child

300 ml meat broth
2 tablespoons rice
Tempe 50 grams
Leeks that have been sliced 1 teaspoon (read also: 14 ways and Tips Add to the Weight of the fetus)

How to make:

Wash the rice until the net as usual you cook rice
Cut – cut into dice-sized tempe
Boiled rice with broth to boil and then input all the other ingredients and cook until all are cooked.
To do with smoothing using a blender until texture of soft

2. content of carrot fish team Recipes


50 grams of Snapper Fillets
50 cc chicken stock
25 grams of grated cheese
100 grams of Potatoes
100 g Pumpkin
1 egg
50 g Carrot

How to make:

The first snapper fillet puree.
Then Peel the carrots, wash, clean and grate coarsely.
Next Peel the pumpkin, clean, wash and grate coarsely.
Then Peel the carrots, wash, clean and grate coarsely.
Then mix the ingredients, except cheese smua, then mix well.
For the 2 and put it in a heatproof Bowl that has smeared the margarine, sprinkle cheese, and cover with aluminium paper.
Place a heat-resistant container and fill with a little water.
Bake in the oven until cooked.

3. avocado juice brown sugar Recipe

To add to the weight of the baby not only of food but can also be from fruit juice. The following is a recipe of fruit juice can increase the weight of your baby.

Avocado fruit that has been cooked with the perfect 100 grams
Fresh cow milk 250 ml
The dates that have been deseeded 2 pieces
Melted brown sugar 2 tablespoons

How to make:
Combine avocado fruit, dates and milk in a blender and then puree until perfect, after that add the liquid brown sugar and mix well.

That’s the last few ways to gain weight toddlers through the above food recipes that can be use as reference the mother if the mother of a toddler has her weight is not ideal. If the mother has been providing complete and balanced nutrition but still skinny mother from baby, check with your doctor immediately to see if there is a disease that is being attacked the fruit of your heart.

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