How to Make Slime Recipe without Borax

I want to do for weeks either PlayDo, Silly Putty (smart Knete), Slime or anything else. All the possible recipes I have found have been tried. And today…

I’ve really rumenxperimentiert here. With starch, water, shampoo, hair rinse and and and. Also the relevant recipes with Bastelkleber I have tried. However, Borax failed. For that I wash soda, curtain white, decolor, alum – tried everything. Nothing. There were always crumbling and rather disgusting matters. My husband has already declared me to be quite banana.

Please read also the comments, there are some possible questions answered and chemical connections explained!

But I wanted to do it.

Slime / Flubber itself make without Borax must function

Today, the instructions ran with me

Bastelim * and detergent along the way.
This should also be my last attempt (because it was the last bottle Bastellenim.)
The Bastellenim bottle I have for practical reasons simply cut off

The glue was tipped into a bowl

And detergent to it. I have grasped what was grad in the cupboard (Good & Cheap ActivCare) …

after a long period of experimentation it was also clear that this variety is the only detergent, which works. Also the many comments (thanks for this!) Have shown that this detergent is the only one that has the ingredients that are especially suitable for the experiment Slime / Flubber / Slimy.

Slowly start stirring

Joah … is already flubberähnlich

But still quite sticky

So another sip of detergent to it

and knead (probably the one who has someone who takes photos – thank you son)

That looks good…

And it does what I expect of him. Namely, from an arbitrary shape

in case of neglect

The experiment Slime seems successful
Supposedly every liquid detergent should work. I can not say anything now, because I no longer have Bastelleim.
For this I have 3 children who have a heathen on a cheap toy

Surely the flubber could also be colored. You should probably do this with the glue before the detergent is added.
But hej – who wants to complain now, because the kids for 1 € are busy and it is not colored.
If the material becomes too dry, simply wipe it with slightly damp hands
That puts you – and it keeps the fingers clean

Solvent-free basiteim is not only suitable for the slime but also for the craft activities of the seedlings. Should you always have in the house!

it also works with colorless craft glue and food color. Always remember the color of the detergent. That should actually be pink. Unfortunately the detergent was light blue

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