How to Use and Care for a Bow Tie

Adding attributes and accessories in a style that men show is never a bad word. Importantly, how the style created to improve your self-appearance becomes more classy or masculine.

A bow tie for example. This one mode attribute is also known as bow tie. If seen from its history, a bow tie can be said is not a fashion thing.

How to wear this bow tie you may not know. It does not matter whether you use a tuxedo suit at weddings, or you will sing at a musical performance, it’s good if you know how to wear a bow tie. Using a bow tie is not often done, but fortunately, if you can tie your shoe, of course you can wear a bow tie, because basically these two things are the same. Read this article from Jual Dasi Kupu Kupu to find out how to wear a bow tie.

How To Wear a Butterfly Tie By A Quadrilateral Way

Wearing a Butterfly Tie

Hang a bow tie on your neck, underneath the collar, and grasp the end of the tie. The right side of the bow tie should be longer than the left of the bow tie.

Cross the longer part of the tie over the shorter part of the tie. You should cross the tie near your neck so that the tie is wide enough, but not too loose. You definitely do not want the tie to stretch.

Tie the longer end into the bond to form a knot. Here you can tie the knot if necessary.

Drag the long end of the tie to the end of the short tie, and then fold back to the right. Hold this fold, because the fold will become the frontmost bond of the bow tie when it’s done, between the collar points of your shirt.

Insert the tip of the tie you raised to the front of the tie.
Hold the left and right sides, from the horizontally folded part, and pull them together in front of the end. The top of the end of the will now be bonded between the bonds.

Hook the middle of the through the knot you do in step three. Now, your tie will form a half bow tie.

Tighten the bow tie by pulling the opposite side simultaneously. Drag the right front and rear left to relax, and drag the left and right fronts to tighten. Repeat this step until the bow tie becomes comfortable if you use.

Finish, you have wearing a perfect bow tie.

There are some tips that you can learn and practice at home about taking care of satin fabric. For more details, please listen to the information below which may be useful for you all.

Wash by hand
Actually tips on this one is common because all clothes with different materials are better washed manually. In other words, wash clothes by relying on hand power. So also for clothes made from satin is highly recommended how to wash by hand. That’s because hand-clicking on clothes is not as strong as a washing machine that can be repeated constantly, so washing by hand will not damage fabric fibers. In addition, you can save more money and can be used as a sport movement also to nourish the body.

Just washing 2 – 3 clothes made of satin by hand seems quite light for the strength of adults. Therefore, please practice yourself because it is also for your own benefit and benefit.

Washing with cold water
The selection of water to wash satin cloth, it is advisable to use cold water. The reason, cold water will not change the volume or condition of the satin fabric. Unlike when you wash it with warm water, the satin fiber will shrink about 20%. Depending on the washing time and the volume of water with the clothes.

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