Imu 2013 Tax The Homes Of The Rich? Readmitted Proposal Pd After Clash With PDL

Imu 2013 Tax The Homes Of The Rich? Readmitted Proposal Pd After Clash With PDL

The IMU in 2013 on the “homes of the rich”, the proposal to charge for properties with cadastral income over 750 euro, creates tension in the majority. Rejected, then readmitted, the proposal of the Democratic Party could end up in a drawer.

To pay the IMU to the houses of the rich to bring the VAT at 21%? Initially the Budget Committee of the House said no rejecting the amendment proposed by the Democratic Party Maino Marchi.

The Democratic Party has resorted, was welcomed, but one of the two chairpersons, Francesco Boccia (Pd, very close to Letta) invited everyone to withdraw the amendments because “luxury homes, the class A / 1, A / 8 and A / 9, the IMU already pay. ”

Boccia has appealed to all groups, pointing out that the government has already paid compensation to municipalities for failure to collect the first installment IMU, “right on the basis of the requests made by the parliamentary groups that have tabled the amendments today.” “We avoid the mess – called for Boccia – because if it were to pass any amendment modifying the tax base, the municipalities should return as just today received by the Treasury.”

Brands that invitation, the signatory of the amendment, seems to welcome when he declares that if the government will give “satisfactory answers” on some social issues, the Democratic Party could “decide to withdraw or reformulate

The amendment failed, readmitted and perhaps now frozen was to introduce the IMU on the first house, but only those of the “rich”, to get the coverage needed to return the VAT from 22% to 21% between 1 November and 31 December 2013.

The tax would be applied to those houses with cadastral income over 750 euro. Brands, parent company in the Budget, after the rejection of the amendment has appealed. Appeal granted in the afternoon by the committee chairmen Francesco Boccia (Pd) and Capezzone (PDL). The final text will be voted on tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Sull’Imu 2013 is not the last word now, fallen Berlusconi falls veto on an issue that could not be higher on the government as cutting taxes on labor, the “tax wedge”.

Even Luigi Casero, Deputy Minister for Economics and from the PDL, interviewed by Antonella Baccaro Corriere della Sera that speaks a tax wedge of IMU, although it promises that the tax on the house, out the door, do not come back from the window, even Sting with a hidden inside the Service Tax:

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