Imu, Graziano Delrio: “Taxing The First House Where Luxury, Reform Of The Cadastre”

Imu, Graziano Delrio: “Taxing The First House Where Luxury, Reform Of The Cadastre”

A decision sull’Imu need “tight deadlines”, but what is certain is that the first house we do not charge. Unless it is a house of luxury, which then has to pay the IMU. Graziano Delrio, Minister for Regional Affairs, in an interview responds well to the Messenger and stresses the importance of a reform IMU allowing to ensure a balanced contribution, perhaps with a reform of the land registry, and arrives already “before the holidays summer “, as advocated by the Minister of Economy Fabrizio Saccomanni.

Minister Delrio told Il Messaggero that a solution sull’Imu could also arrive before the summer holidays:

“Yes, there is an acceleration due to the fact that all the mayors I met these days clamoring to hurry up and make a decision quickly because otherwise the balance sheets, without having certain estimates sull’Imu, end to not be reliable. We must decide as soon as possible and are rapidly emerging scenarios. At this point we need to agree on a proposal “.

Delrio then explains that among the measures to be confirmed is the exemption IMU on the first house, unless it is a house of luxury:

“That said, the thing on which we must continue to work until the last is to understand what are the really upscale housing because in the cadastral category, although it is clear that it has not, does not figure almost nothing. So we must find an alternative to cadastral classification to ensure that those who have a house of great value continues to contribute to the public finances. ”

For the Minister will be necessary to reform the land registry to restore balance

“Yes, but it is pending reform need to find other indicators. For example the number of rooms or the square footage. But mostly you can use the data observatory Italian property that are very close to real market data. I think the reform IMU we go out with a balance that guarantees a certain part in the common resources for the coming years and on the other side items that they charged the right to those who have more. ”

No, you say that you could do in waves, with proportionate impact of new taxes. Well, as the turns and faces, the net income from four thousand a month you should always remove at least half of new taxes to achieve the objective Camusso. Obviously we are at the paradox. Paradox, but absolutely consequential to the words and slogans of Camusso, CGIL and the various Stefano Fassina. Obviously all these things Camusso the know, the numbers are not the unknown. Not is unknown, let alone escape the paradox of his arithmetic tax the rich in Italian. Camusso knows and even remotely intends to finance the operation with these super taxes. The real political option, the true economic theory of the left-left and then make debt debt debt and then are paid so all and all survive as before, at least for a while ‘. Then you see

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