Ingrown Hair, How To Prevent Them And Eliminate Them

Ingrown Hair, How To Prevent Them And Eliminate Them

That’s one of the most common side effects of waxing ingrown hairs. Today we explain how to eliminate them, but above all how to prevent them, before and after shaving. Legs smooth and perfect Absolutely, but only if you follow these tips!
What are ingrown hairs

It ‘a very common problem among us women. In short, ingrown hairs are those hairs that are trapped under the skin creating that annoying unsightly and sometimes even inflammation. They tend to occur in those areas that depiliamo more often, such as the crotch area, for example. Among the causes that do not allow the hair to overcome the epidermal barrier that keeps them trapped under the skin definitely is the obstruction of the hair follicle, which is why very often the beautician advises us to make a scrub before depilarci.
How to remove ingrown hairs

In most cases they tend to disappear by themselves in the short term, but often also create inflammations and infections that require manual deletion of the hair and possibly also the application of anti-inflammatory ointments or topical antibiotics. To remove an ingrown hair you have to use a needle and tweezers well sterilized, trying to make out the hair and then tear it.
Prevent ingrown hairs

To prevent the formation of ingrown hair, whatever the hair removal method you use, you should exfoliate your skin using a body scrub. You also have to take a few small precautions during epilating. If you use an electric razor make sure that the blades are well sharpened, avoiding the need to spend more time on the same point, same thing for the Yanks waxing. If you do not have time to take a bath scrub, try using a mitt to remove layers of dead cells. With these small measures the number of ingrown hairs will definitely lower, try it!

Even the Body Oil New nourishing anti-aging Deborah is perfect for the care of the body and hair, not fat and has easy absorption. It has a nourishing able to soften the skin with one stroke by applying the oil with a gentle massage to make it penetrate deeply.

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Use the oil can take care of your body first and foremost by feeding and secondly by creating a soft protective barrier that protects the skin against

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