Installing New Floor at Home

Placing new floor, including wooden flooring, whether wood or tile brings its own brand of satisfaction. His work, once done, is a wonderful thing. Remember that this is definitely part of the work you can expect. That thought can ease the tedious routine of nailing, sandhing, scratching, etc.

First and foremost, the basics for new floors are important. Contrary to what you might think, putting a wooden floor involves nothing more than a simple bit of carpentry.

A conventional wood floor sub is built with square edge boards. This is a fairly common timber item. When you put your money, you will get Ix4s or Ix6s. If you buy what is known as first class, the wood will be quite straight, not too hard harga mdf and without a knot affecting the strength.

The number two classes is not so elegant, a bit hard to work with and a bit cheaper as far as the overall wood floor is noticed. Whatever type you decide on, be sure to specify the regular grade wood. If possible buy from a wooden dock that stores the disguised items so that it will be spiced and dried. Without taking into account you should buy a wood floorboard more than 6 inches wide.

For greater strength, tide the wooden sub-floor diagonally across the block. Where the two lengths must join just bend at the ends, but make sure the intersection is above the beam. If not, you may find yourself with a rather chewy board here and there with a loose tip flapping the breeze. Allow space between boards – a small amount of entry is quite safe.

Nail downstairs board solid wood into each beam. Use two 10-cent nails that are moved through the wooden face into the beam at each point. If you’re the type who likes to wear belts and suspenders, it’s not a bad idea to buy coated rosin nails for this purpose. They hold back like crazy.

Some types of floors can descend on this 3/4 wooden floor of plywood. Nailing this item to the forbidden logs gets a job in a very short time. There is a special plywood that is now recommended. Three quarters on a thick cliff, it has a hardword hardword laminasu layer to one side and mounted with this surface facing down. There is a reason to use it, for years plywood can be compressed sata used as wood flooring and the surface can be a bit bumpy. An extra tough layer removes the problem.


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