If before we discuss how KEMIRI can be used for hair care means, until the main ingredient for the manufacture of body scrubs. In this article I will discuss the functional KEMIRI as scrubs, scrub defines me as a thoroughly scrub used on the part of our body. Hence this application only for the treatment of facial and leg, I simply use the word ‘Scrub’ or ‘Scrubbing’ to change the use of the word Scrub this on a small scale.


In addition Some people may have a problem with hair color, like we know as Asia, we have a black hair color compared to the Caucasian race, or other races. In the development of the modern era, as now, is not rare to be influenced to buy a certain hair care products that claim can nourish the hair.

Without us knowing the intake of chemicals contained in each – each hair care products that often we buy, or we try – try to use. Can make our hair loses its original pigment, and it is not uncommon now we have encountered some young men, covered with gray hair started. The gray hairs often become a scourge for some people who menomor the right appearance.

Assorted taken by some people with the aim of blackening back their hair ranging from the use of hair polish, shampoos that claim to be black hair, and (he) contains extracts urang aring. Here I will try to provide alternative natural ingredients in black hair by using KEMIRI.

The way is easy, inexpensive, and does not take much time. What we need to do is take a handful KEMIRI (if appropriate), after the KEMIRI already taken, we sangria until charred / burnt. Hazelnut which has charred / burnt pounded until smooth, KEMIRI already finely blended using KEMIRI oil as much as a tablespoon.

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