Largest Active Volcano erupts in Europe

Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe, in Italy erupted for the second time in a week over the last month. Photo / Special

A + A- ROME – the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna erupted for the second time this week in a month. Not just spewing hundreds of lava into the air, this eruption also caused fatalities.
At least 10 people were injured after the eruption of Mount Etna hit the snow.

The volcanoes are in Italy this last erupted two weeks ago. These events attract tourists to see firsthand the natural events. In one eruption, the magma from the volcano hit the snow, causing the stones flying and visitors scurrying.

Largest Active Volcano erupts in Europe, 10 Injured

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Six people were treated at hospitals where most of the injured in the head. All are in critical condition.
“Running down the mountain with bombarded by rocks, boulders avoid burning and boiling steam to be an experience that you never want me to repeat,” said BBC correspondent, Rebecca Morelle, on his Twitter account when capturing the incident.

Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe at an altitude of 10 810 feet, according to the records of The Atlantic. According to historical records, the mountain’s massive eruption occurred 3,500 years ago. Eruptions that occurred in recent years did not cause significant damage to those who live and farm nearby.

Video showed bursts of lava and volcanic ash like a volcano erupted almost continuously occur throughout the day, according to the Institute of Geology and Vulcanology Italy, which released the recording. “High-bursts of lava reaches almost 650 feet,” the agency said in a report.

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