MADDEN NFL 17 Mobile Review


Bring your team to the top in Madden NFL 17 with a renewed Franchise Mode that will make you the keystone of your epic franchise franchise, discover new ways to play and make even more decisions.

Arm your team for glory in attack or defense with new opportunities for the ball carrier, tactics to deceive defense and a new, more authentic, defensive AI system. Analyze the game phases in even more detail during the entire NFL season thanks to the studio comments of the new duo made up of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis.

With ever more balanced gameplay, the most accomplished comments in the history of the Madden NFL franchise, and fun and refreshing game modes such as Ultimate Team and Draft Champions, Madden NFL 17 is the most complete Madden Never designed. Ball bearer reactions: Take advantage of tricks and trajectory aids to identify defensive threats and specific gestures that will allow you to eliminate any defender.

Passing and Rush Counter: Simplify your defensive phases. You have understood what the opponent is going to do but you do not know what defensive formation to put up to counter it? You can either defend the pass or run and let your defense take care of the rest. Besides a more realistic AI than ever before and the usual NFL strategies, an unprecedented “Gap Play” puts your defenders in the zone that will allow them to stop the enemy attacks while assuring the coverage of the passes.

Special Teams : The whole captivating dimension of the special teams is back in MADDEN NFL Mobile Hack. With the ability to block kicks to stem adverse field goal attempts and new risk and reward elements with “tricks” and blocked kicks that can now change the outcome of a game.

Play the Moments : Experience Franchise Accelerated Mode. Immerse yourself in the most important situations and the most decisive phases of play to accelerate your overall journey and make it even more fun. Is your team going through a transition season? Replay the playoffs and win the championship faster with Play the Moments.
Game Planning : Observe the trends of your opponents every week and choose the right exercises to attack and counter them. This unprecedented level of strategy offers more variety and makes each game preparation even more fun, whether in a simulated game or in front of a human player. In game, expect your team to replicate what you’ve been working on: this may help you make the difference in attack or defend to preserve the result.

Big Decisions : The management of a team of American footballers sometimes imposes Cornelian choices. But to make the right decisions, you need the right information at the right time. Between an excellent quarterback slightly injured or his inexperienced substitute, who should play? With Big Decisions, the career mode takes a new direction, with more strategy, more control, and “more fun”.

Community Requests : The main features built into Madden NFL at the community’s request primarily involve Franchise mode, with the addition of a training team, a tool to completely change the player, and d ‘An integrated headband that gives you real-time scores from other league matches.

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