Main Causes Flood Occurrence

Earthquake kit – The main cause of flooding is derived from heavy rainfall that may affect the occurrence of flooding, heavy rains If continuous water certainly will not go directly into the sewers, but the water will fall into a puddle. And the puddle too long will accumulate and become a flood, of course, also will damage the asphalt and the road is being eroded by the water for too long.

But it all depends on the shelter and drainage at the site, if the drainage and water reservoirs are not noncurrent means the reservoir is not treated on a regular basis so as to make rainwater clogged smoothly and will not be congested and large puddles that cause flooding.

Other causes may also be because the river is overflowing, because not smooth with drainage channels, causing river water did not drain well and be overflowing out. Water channel is not smooth because the channel is clogged by garbage, so that when the rainfall is quite high and in the long term, often causing flooding due to overflowing of river water due to the lackadaisical community towards environmental cleanliness.

Illegal logging without thinking about the impact of forest damage can cause flooding. Forests basically serves as a water catchment area, store rain water and then drain to humans through groundwater shape. When forests are cut down illegally will continue to cause flooding for the local region, with floods which continue to occur on a large scale it was possible cause landslides.

So should everyone keep environment does not present a disaster for many people and myself of course. Starting small simplest such as not littering, cleaning the living environment, by doing these things is enough to help the environment to prevent flooding, distancing themselves from disaster and keep health from diseases easily arise and spread in the event floods.

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