Make Magical Slime and Glitter Slime

We are going to make magic slime. Of course, in the color pink and with glitters. It’s getting mega slimy !!
What do you need?
– 1 tray of children’s glue
– 1 bowl of water
– baking powder
– lentil fluid
– dye
– Glitter

For the storage box:
– Plastic ball (box)
– Bricks
– Superglue

1. Mix the water and the child’s glue into a bowl.

2. Add half a teaspoon of baking powder to the glue-water mixture.

3. Mix well so that there are no pieces of baking powder in the mixture.

4. Add a little dye and glitter and mix well again.

5. Now you can add the lentil fluid to little bit by little until the mixture stops sticking to your hands.

6. Knee well with your hands right now. The slime is ready now!

7. Make a plastic ball a magic ball by glittering it.

8. Now you can keep the mucous in it.

Ingredients for DIY slime from craft glue

• Bowls
• Bastelleim / Bastelim adhesive
• Acrylics
• Glitter (optional)
• some detergent
• Wooden stick or spoon for stirring
Thus, the game slime is made

➤ First fill the bowls with craft glue. The more glue, the greater the slime. How to make slime. Add color and glitter and stir until the color is evenly distributed.

➤ Then add some (very little) detergent. The mass forms a viscid lump in the middle. If the slime is still too sticky, add a little detergent and knead the slime with your hands.

➤ We then mixed the colors and played with the slime very long. This slime can be stored in a closed can also super!

Note: The slime is not edible, children under three years should not play with it.

Alternative: Slime recipe without glue

The second variant sticks more to the hands and the bowl, but is no less fun. Slime from starch is tough and fluid at the same time.

You need:

• Food starch
• Shower gel
• Food color
• a large bowl

That’s how it’s done:

➤ Place foodstuffs in a bowl, then add 2: 1 shower gel and some color. Knead the mixture until it has the desired consistency. If the mass is too dry, add some shower gel. I needed 200 g of starch and about 120 ml of shower gel. The mass looks like a liquid, does not it?

➤ But when you knead, press and twist the mass, it is tough and slimy. If the slime is quietly lying on the palm of the hand, it flows through the fingers.

Using the slime make your children guaranteed new tactile experiences!

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