Make Simple Slime by Ourself

Let’s talk slime baby! Yup! I made mucus. Haha .. A silent wish finally came out as a little kid who can finally find that one toy. At the end of March, I already wrote that I would like to make it. I decided to make it when my son came to his boyfriend. An ideal moment to entertain the children and, therefore, to have fun with me. And it worked! So, I would like to share this simple clothing activity that is good for hours of fun. ^ _ ~

Do it Yourself!
After hours of slime and silly putty watching videos on YouTube and blogging abroad, I wrote what I needed at least to make a good dot slime. And this combi smelled! It worked contagiously and one of my best girlfriends did the same thing the next day. It was happily happening to her too! So cool! ^ _ ^ So nah, then this should be a good recipe, I think so. From the week, I once again made it white with the help of transparent glue and it just finished. Well, I have to say that when it was so hot outside and we caught my last slime But this can of course come through the temperature. And I had 2 failed attempts thereafter to see if it also ended with Hema’s hobby glue and a Tube round photo of the Action .. a big fat no so unfortunately. So now..I just give you 1 advice stick to the recipe .. then you just have to succeed.

It’s a lovely fluffy mucus that you can stretch for a long time and if you pull it quickly it breaks through the middle. How to make slime. You can pull threads and then let a splash of cream come down …. splash it, brush it and whatever you like.

Our version of the slime recipe

You need:
• Clear (or white) adhesive glue / school glue.
I used glue that was odorless and water-based of the Action 200ml in a bottle. The glue was divided into three portions..dus 65ml per child.
• The cheapest bottle of white shaving cream you can find, I used the Albert Heijn for normal skin.
• 1 large bottle of liquid from the Kruidvat, note that the ingredient is borax in it. I used the Opticare all in one, for hard lenses.
-> Borax is essential for the mucus. This will make your joints a cohesive slime.
• Glitter, we used pink and blue glitters.
• You could also do a few drops of food dye.
Kitchen utensils: mixing bowl, silicone spatula, containers for storing the mucus.

Create it like this:
1. First, pour approximately 65 ml of glue into a large mixing bowl.
2. Spray a thick layer of shaving cream over it (first shave the shaving cream well). Mix well together.
3. Add a teaspoon of glitter and a few drops of dye. Stir well again.
4. And now it will be fun! Grab the lentilant fluid and spray it over the mixture. I think you need about 1.5 a 2 tablespoons of lentils of liquid on this amount of other ingredients.
5. Stir now carefully and you will notice that your goodness gradually becomes a cohesive ball. Is not this already the case? Not feared! Then drop a few drops of lentil fluid until this happens.
6. Then you can knock it down with your hands. First, it will be very sticky, but after a few minutes you will have a good knee and you will have your first real homemade slim in your hands.

• You store the slime in a glass jar or a plastic tray. / It is about 3 to 4 weeks shelf life in a cool shady place. • Do not allow your child to eat and wash his hands after use.

Have fun with this non-food recipe!

Nice weekend and sweetheart,

P.s. Another tip … first find the right glue in the store before you buy the other things. There seems to be a run now ?!

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