Making Anonymous Calls Combination (For All Smartphones)

Making Anonymous Calls Combination (For All Smartphones)

If you want to make a single time, or for a limited number and choice of times, anonymous calls, this is the alternative that suits you. It ‘something extremely easy because it is a simple key combination, an elementary formula that anyone can use. Write down then this combination on a display or the internal memory of your device, so as to be able to pursue each time for any reason you need to make anonymous calls.

To make anonymous calls with a combination unlock your smartphone and open the dialer where you can type the numbers, then the Phone icon Without this, enter the combination # 31 # followed by the number you are going to call (for example if the number to call is 74326 Enter # 31 # 74326), and then start the call with the handset. Your contact will display on the screen of your device marked unknown number or private number, and can not see your number.

Making anonymous calls Android

This is a useful alternative if your intention is to set up your smartphone so that you always hide your phone number, because you always want to make anonymous calls. The Android operating system has a feature implemented natively which allows you to do this, and once activated your number will never be visible to those who call.Once downloaded run it: start the installation where you have to always click Next and Finish at the end to complete the automatic procedure.

To configure your smartphone for anonymous calls you touch the icon of the menu or app drawer, then choose the gear icon symbolizing Settings. Now go to the Device tab and select Voice call. In the mask that opens touch Additional Settings, and then even touch Number of output. It will present three options Network default settings for your operator to decide whether to show the number, Hide number to make it invisible and Show Number to show it. Choose the second option, and remember that if you want again to show your number you’ll have to return to the same menu and select the third.

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