Manuka honey helps delay the signs of aging

Manuka honey helps delay the signs of aging

I wanted to write this article about cleansing skin care solutions, because I have seen some skin cleansing routines that are counterproductive, to say the least. If you aren’t careful, you could cause damage that will hasten the signs of aging, making you look older, before your time.

Let’s start in the shower. If you added up all of the allergens, irritants and toxins that are present in shampoos, soaps and conditioners, then added to that the impurities that are present in public water supplies, you would end up with a number at least in the hundreds, possibly approaching 2000. It’s time to try to lower that number, as much as we can.

There are some environmental toxins that cannot be avoided, but the common impurities found in tap-water can be easily removed with an effective shower head filter. Antibacterial cleansing skin care has become increasingly popular, but the antibacterial agent found in most body washes and soaps is triclosan. It’s bad for the environment and could be bad for our health. There’s no reason to risk exposure, because there are natural antibacterial agents, such as Manuka honey.

If you really want to do something good for yourself, you’ll check all of your personal care products for parabens, petrochemicals and added fragrances. The best choice for daily cleansing is Manuka honey soap.
Skin cleansing that includes exfoliation is damaging and unnecessary. Micro-beads cause irritatiom which leads to inflammation and free radical damage, which leads to wrinkling and skin sagging.

If you have a problem with excessive oiliness, blackheads, pimples or other problems caused by dirt and grime in the pores, add a weekly or bi-weekly Manuka honey mask to your cleansing skin care routine. Some of the best ingredients are dead sea mud, Manuka honey, Himalayan salt, etc. Dead Sea Mud has long been used for deep skin cleansing. It absorbs excessive oil and gently pulls dirt out of the pores.

Manuka honey helps delay the signs of aging. There are also anti-aging products available that contain Manuka Honey. If you start on a cleansing skin care routine like the one outlined here, your face will thank you.

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