Melatonin And Menopause, All You Need To Know

Melatonin And Menopause, All You Need To Know

What is the relationship between melatonin and menopause As this product can help against the typical symptoms of this phase of change and what are the cases, however, where it is contraindicated

Melatonin has many beneficial properties, although most of those who use it to take in order to sleep better. In fact, among the many benefits of this substance, there is also an aspect that has to do with menopause according to experts, in fact, melatonin at this stage can be a good ally to fight the small symptoms and related hassles in this condition.

Melatonin is a substance that not only helps to regulate the sleep  wake cycle, but regulates and stabilizes and greet also the heart rhythm palpitations and hot flashes are just some of the most common menopause-related discomfort. Insomnia is also one of the side effects that most suffer during this phase, with fatigue and stress that you are accumulating because of the nights in white.

In short, melatonin can really help to make your menopause less tiring, but it would be wrong to think that it is enough to rely on a natural remedy to solve the problem fundamentally. not just the help of this product to return to rest in a relaxed and deep, although it certainly melatonin may help if you have difficulty getting to sleep, but there are also a bit ‘more serious cases of insomnia where despite everything not It will be decisive, especially if the problem is the night awakenings.

To learn more and for the correct dosage is recommended in any case consult your doctor, because we should consider that melatonin, despite its benefits, it can have some minor side effects prolonged use can have some effect on blood pressure and cause of the anomalies. It is also not a recommended product for diabetics, because apparently can cause blood sugar spikes.

The oil that is extracted from its seeds has many beneficial properties and is a good ally for both the health and the beauty. Evening primrose oil is particularly rich in essential fatty acids and also contains amino acids, fiber, vitamin C and many minerals including potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron and beneficial calcio.Proprietà evening primrose oil

Also a relaxing massage can help take the anxiety out of your body, as well as a race, but it should also follow a balanced diet, low in fat and rich in vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

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