Natural Minus Eye Drugs Most Powerful

Minus or farsighted eyes are abnormalities in the eye that can not be seen from a distance either on objects or an object. There are several main causes of minus:
1. Genetic factors (heredity)
Minus eyes can occur because of heredity for example in a family there who suffer from minuses such as father or mother.
2. Bad Pattern of Life
According to various research results people living in urban environments have a greater risk for eye diseases minus disadvantaged with people who live in the countryside.
3. Diet that is not good
Poor diet has made the eyes damaged  lack of foods containing vitamin A.
4. Less Rest
Less rest can also make you damaged, for that do not be too  your eyes to work hard.
In addition, minus eyes can occur due to other factors such as reading the wrong reading such as a dimly lit, reading while sleeping and watching television often.

Natural Minus Eye Drugs

Once you know the various factors that cause eye minus, now is the time to discuss about eye medication minus. Many ways can be done for eye care minus lasik surgery or eye gymnastics. Will to do that will take a lot of time, so it’s people who choose not to do. Not too many follow-up to perform surgery, so they prefer to use the most powerful eye medication.

Here are ways that can be done as a natural medicine eye minus include:
1. Take off the glasses is not too necessary suppose you are in a narrow room so you can still see clearly.
2. Train your eyes and get used to seeing objects with long distances without using glasses.
3. Train your eyes to see moving objects such as motorcycles passing by on the highway.
4. Treating eye minus by using betel leaf. The way to take the leaves of kemudan bershkan, after that when you will sleep put betel leaf dikelopak your eyes.
5. Eye cleaning regularly eg by using eye drops.
6. When you drive with a helmet or glasses to prevent dust from entering your eyes.
7. You can also consume carrots such as carrot juice or carrot soup.
8. If you work in front of the computer, please take the time every 25 minutes to move from the front of the computer screen. You can see intensely or just to drink.

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