New House Do’s And Don’ts

New House Do’s And Don’ts

After much research we finally managed to find the house of our dreams! But now that it is to furnish it, fear of making the wrong decisions Here is a small guide homify signed, with the advice of DO and WHAT NOT TO DO when you decorate the house. Enjoy the reading!

TO DO live from our home right away

The best strategy to furnish a house is to live it. At first glance this statement might seem counterintuitive because it is generally believed that a house to be lived, to be appointed, but just think about it carefully, to understand the logic. Only experiencing a home day after day, in fact, we will be able to understand what we really need and what solutions can be more useful.

We think for example the type of type of bed less cumbersome for our room – as we see for example in this proposal of Studio De Ferrari + MODEST – rather than the most suitable table to accommodate cheerful dinner with the relatives and loved ones. The Board, therefore, is to buy now only those essential items like kitchen, bed and wardrobe and add a little at a time all the others, maybe even listening to the opinion of friends who come to visit.

NOT TO DO Choose a mobile just because it’s cheap

Although the budget at our disposal is limited, the advice is to avoid only consider price when you buy home furniture. Sometimes, in fact, many cheap products are made with inferior materials which may be damaged in a few ani, if not months, forcing us so auna double expense. Rather, if possible, we schedule in time purchases, considering for each element the value for money, like this elegant design small chest of drawers, perfect for a stay in the Scandinavian style.

DON’Ts using too many colors

We establish for each room 2 or 3 basic colors and choose this combination of the furnishings and decor. In this way we will make every decision easier and at the same time we will give life to elegant and refined, as we see in this example.

And if we are afraid of getting a sad and monotonous house, do not worry, just pay attention to the tones choices! Depending on our personal taste we can in fact opt ??also very bright colors, contrasting with each other, to create a young and dynamic atmosphere, but always characterized by good taste.

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