Origin Of The Appeal Of ‘Colchonero’ And ‘Indian’ Kostum Badut For Atletico Madrid

More antiquity of the denomination by colors of each football equipment other ways to nick followers.

1. Most frequent denominations.

In the case of Atletico Madrid, the first name has to do with the color of the shirt, the red of the color of the white and white, so it is the equipment rojiblanco. In their rivals, for example, Real Madrid is the white equipment in the case of FC Barcelona is the blue outfit (blue and garnet).

2. The Mattresses.

At Atletico Madrid, in addition to the aforementioned ‘rojiblanco’ there are other ways of citing it. Following the color of the shirt, the first is the ‘mattress’. In ancient times, during the civil harvest, the mattresses were covered by a screen with red and white fringes, in a fact that the rivals began to denominate them “mattresses”. Its repetition ended up calming to the point that nowadays it is usual for journalists to use it in order not to be redundant. It’s something that does not bother rojiblancos fans. What’s more, it’s a sign of identity.

3. The Indians.

There are two theories that form the origin of an appendix. The most extended have to do with the 60s and 70s Atletico Madrid held many binders of South American origin. Disparately, they were called ‘Indians’ by their rivals. The truth is that those records gave a fabulous result to Atletico Madrid.

Close-up of a mature woman on a white background. In season 85/86, Hugo had signed for Atletico Madrid the previous year, obtaining the title of top scorer. For his rivals, Hugo was the ‘Indian’ until they got in the way of Real Madrid and the archive. This is hurt in rojiblancas rows. At that time was where the followers of Atletico Madrid ‘Indians’, to the point that their pet ‘Indy’ reflects it.
The second is in his field, the stadium Vicente Calderón is located next to the river Manzanares as if it were a tribe of India, dressed of ray and hate to the ‘whites’ (in relation to Real Madrid).

4. The Pupae.

The Atletico Madrid tray has the state always related to the emotion, with the opposite and the unexpected. To the extent that whenever he had an opportunity in which he plays a final, win a decisive match for well the forever luck always the elusive era.
The name of ‘pupae’ comes especially since the European Cup Final of 1974. Luis Aragonés advanced to Atletico Madrid with a direct free kick. Y 30 seconds from the end of the game, Schwarzenbeck tied the match with a distant shot that surprised a Reina. He took his hand and seized the opportunity. With this result, it is a playoff game, on May 17, 1974, where the equipment is totally disembodied and merely medical, being defeated 4-0 by the Germans.

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