Outbound Malang Coban Rondo

Outbound Malang Coban Rondo

Coban or Indonesia called waterfall. Coban Rondo is a natural waterfall of dsn attractions. Sebaluh, Gage Sari Village, Kec. Pujon, Kab. Arm. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 1135 meters above sea level. Coban rondo rondo means widow in Indonesian. Not only waterfalls, but there is an outbound malang tourist attraction.

History of Coban Rondo

Coban Rondo has a long history. There was a couple, but they broke a ban. A man and a woman are forbidden to travel for their wedding a month. But because they violate the rules, until finally on the road, the man met Jejaka, they argued the beauty of his wife.

Until there is a big battle finally followed the princess behind the waterfall. The conflict can not be avoided, as well in the end they are dead. Finally, the woman was a widow.

But regardless of the history of the past, Coban Rondo is now managed by PT Palawi Risorsis and is a natural tourist attraction in the preferences of tourists. As the slogan, the Rondo Coban, is “not only falls”. Coban Rondo is present innovation a variety of attractions, such as mountain biking, labyrinths, archery walks, and also very interesting outbound malang travel is miserable.

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Due to the large tourist area and all outbound malang facilities. Coban Rondo is often the venue one of outgoing events. Due to the cool atmosphere of Coban Rondo, this makes this place ideal for refreshing spot.

Outbound Malang is a reliable outgoing supplier to Malang. Outbound Malang always the best for the customer. Including select the correct output location. How did Coban rondo, the general tourist area, so for outbound malang activities with enough participants

With regard to businesses and government agencies, or even going out for family reunions. Is not the interest it? You want to try? Come unhappy with our outbound malang coban rondo.

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