Outbound Malang Kusuma Agrowisata

Outbound Malang Kusuma Agrowisata

The abundant natural potential, advanced economic sectors of development and strategic location are the advantages of the city of Batu. The city’s nickname this tourist city has a good potential of natural resources in the tourist industry. Currently, the growth of tourism in Batu has never been abandoned by visitors. Includes attractive tourist attraction elements, one of the outbound Malang routes.

Batu Town has complete tourism so can add a reference to your curiosa. The trusted tower in the city of Batu Kusuma Agrowisata. Kusuma Agrowisata is mainly a hotel with extensive facilities. This hotel is a 4 star hotel in Batu and is located at Jalan Abdul Gani Atas PO BOX 36 Batu.

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With the fast pace of tourism, Kusuma Agrowisata also features a water park, a potato choice of the tour, edupark visits and visits abroad. Kusuma Agrowisata also provides a complete package in one. The outbound malang Kusuma Agrowisata is one of the most desirable packages, due to the fantastic production activities with breathtaking views.

Participants are trained to self-development and motivation to succeed. The games are definitely given renewal and revival your mind. After completing the work in Malang Kusuma Agro, you can go to visit apples. Here you can pick apples directly from the tree, and then enjoy the sweetness of the apple you choose. Apple type is also varied, there are manalagi apples, romeo beauty, anna and apple hwanglin.

The choice of apples to pack the cheapest you can get for Rp 32,000. While more expensive respect Rp 54,000. Packages include garden access, apple picking, and various food and beverages. But to enjoy the ambiance of the plantation with a passenger car, you need attention Rp 10,000 / person.

After a trip of the green apple orchard, you can cool down by swimming and playing water in the water park. In the water park, there are several slides and other exciting games. For the pond itself, there is a pond  inside. You must try the tour outbound Malang Kusuma Agrowisata when visiting the city of Batu.

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