Perfect Designs for Bride’s Wedding Nails

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That day when most girls dream about since a little has come around the corner for you? To get married is one of the most joyful days in your life that should be celebrated in the best way possible. It shall be the celebration of the two loves, celebration of life, and celebration of unity. As a bride to be, it is your duty to give the responsibility to make your day perfect to the perfect maid of honor. She would be in charge of your dress, the catering, invitations, make ups, bachelorette party and etc. Woops! One more important thing, she will be in charge of making your nail look amazing! Today we will focus on the nail area with wedding nails ideas.

The wedding designs for your nail polish are normally taken from the idea of your dress or the theme of the wedding, which means there are many options according to your preference. The color is suggested but not limited to the white pinkish color with feminine decoration. For example the Blooming Orchid by Chalkboard Nails, where your nails will be polished with white nail polish for the basic coat and then with the skinny paintbrush your nail lady would paint Orchid flowers on the top of it. The idea of Orchid symbolizes the strength, beauty, love and bliss. Isn’t that perfect for the wedding nails?
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The beauty of wedding inspired nails isn’t stopping just yet. Many brides opted to use the basic white with eggshell or pearly coat on the nails. The combination of colors to create the soft shinny look represents bride as the queen of the day. Stay humble, but still very elegant. The pearl and eggshell looks are normally also combined with the pinkish color as the base. If you would like to have some colors on your nails, but doesn’t want to look overwhelmed or “out of the box” in the accepted wedding inspired nails, you can opt some colors like soft pink, peach, sky blue, ivory white, and light lavender. But some people have their mind in a gothic wedding. Some gothic weddings are really come into style not only in the early 1990s, but even until now. For the specific wedding theme like this, the dress, make up, decoration and nail art would be also different. We suggest the black and silver nails to go with the themed wedding. Why black and silver nails? Black has known widely as the gothic inspired color, while the silver would add glam and shines through over your dress and wedding decorations.

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