Photovoltaic Italian First Country In The World?

Photovoltaic Italian First Country In The World

We are not the country that has developed several systems, but one that has the largest share of electricity covered with photovoltaics. We are first in the world in front of Greece and Germany. United States and China are still too far behind …

Italy, fourth in terms of cumulative capacity, is the country with the highest contribution to the world in the application of photovoltaic electricity. Are some of the data coming from the last “Snapshot of Global PV Markets 2014” the International Energy Agency (IEA), the report provides a snapshot of the situation of the global photovoltaic.
If it is true that the era of the fat cows now seems over, which puts it on top of the world’s top countries for the contribution pv on national electricity demand; just think that the European average is only 3.5%. As is apparent from the document, Italy would follow just from Greece, where the photovoltaic covers 7.6% of the demand, and Germany with its 7%.
China and the US, the countries most energy in the world, remain far behind, although the photovoltaic market is booming, the contribution of photovoltaics seems far from the threshold of 2%.

The resolution dated March 12, 2015 and you can download a PDF Annex: “Guidelines for safety in construction of self and self-recovery”. It ‘an absolute “first” in Italy, thanks to the step that is taken by the Tuscany Region and the perseverance of the association representing the network of self-builders in Italy.

“We think it is undoubtedly an event of great impact and social relevance,” said the association. In fact recognized figure dell’autocostruttore simple not framed within a cooperative. Air Family has worked in recent years along with many other associations in Tuscany and certainly will not stop at this first goal: the goal is that in other regions becomes an act recognized the self-construction.

The right to housing is recognized nationally and internationally, but access to housing remains de facto closed to large groups of low-income population and that is where the self-construction might develop as a traditional practice in support of public housing – explain the association Air Family – So far those who wanted constructed cloning their home with the help of family and friends could not do it in a legal if not framing the DIYer within economically onerous forms of association, which the cooperative construction that is ill suitable for small groups of self builders and small interventions such as a single family home. The total lack of interest to date to recognize and encourage the self-building family is a singular phenomenon, and all Italian as in most European countries is possible constructed cloning: in France in suburban areas can be constructed cloning buildings up to 169 square meters by following simple rules and acquiring adequate insurance coverage; There are associations and schools that support the formation

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