Pierre Bergé Recounts Yves Saint Laurent In Love, Business And Recklessness

Pierre Bergé Recounts Yves Saint Laurent In Love, Business And Recklessness

Saint Laurent, talented and visionary designer, always and forever tormented by a psychic fragility that led him often on the borderline between recklessness and excesses. And then Pierre Bergé, a man of cold and rational business, meticulous and precise which has managed to harness the genius of Yves and create the fashion empire known throughout the world.

On the occasion of the exhibition of ritrattii Hedi Slimane, Pierre Bergé, always very reserved, she decided to share with Simone Marchetti for D Repubblica his memories and his life along with what has been the companion and the love of a life

Can not start by Yves. What is the thing you miss most of Saint Laurent
Hard to say. No, indeed his genius.

How you feel to see the Yves work today, on the other designers catwalks What do you think of who cites it and takes it as a model, as it does for example Prada
I know Miuccia Prada. And I understand, respect and admire what he is doing. Impossible not to notice how much she likes Saint Laurent. But the bond of Yves with today’s fashion is a topic deeper and wider. It is a heavy legacy and hard to understand, because it was the designer who changed the history of fashion. How did he do He has made a gamble, as in mythological legends he had the courage to leave the Olympus of the couturier and down to earth. He immersed himself in the street, in fact, the life of his time. And from there it moved up to fashion and his poetry.

He said haute couture is dead. What did he mean
I mean what those words mean high fashion today means nothing. For two reasons. The first is that designers continue to cite the past, in the last parades I even saw a brand back on stage clothes and forms of Versailles. But what does that mean There seems plausible, the media revolution underway It is ridiculous to indulge in nostalgia. And it is useless ramble in experimentalism as did Pierre Cardin and Courrèges when, in the 60s, saw us all dressed as astronauts. She now sees someone dressed as an astronaut on the streets The truth lies in the present, in the modern world Yves watched that, nothing else. The second reason is historical the haute couture was a way of life that has accompanied cultural elite during the years before and after World War II. It has never been the habit of the rich and even something to show to the party. See it reduced to a whim for wives of tycoons it is sad. What’s more, most of the atelier is at a loss and is held up only to sell perfume and handbags. As you see, the haute couture is dead

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