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Devious Debt Collectors Attack Vulnerable Debtors

Fake Debt Collectors Attack MarylandAs if having to deal with third party debt collectors is not enough, see the link from an article in the Baltimore Sun today about fake debt collectors.  Now you have to check out the debt collectors before you make a payment.  Here are some ways to protect yourself:  

1.  Call or email the Maryland Attorney General's…


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Peter Angelos, Billy Murphy file Facebook class action suit

Peter Angelos, Billy Murphy file suit against Facebook

While some people complain that they are too old to understand computers, Peter Angelos & Billy Murphy remain "cutting edge" litigators. In announcing that they have filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook in California, Angelos & Murphy have…


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Wrongful Death and Survival Actions and Ways to Help Your Practice

I presented a January 31, 2012 seminar on this topic to assist Baltimore County estates and trusts attorneys in their practices. The written material I handed out is copied below. This seminar was held before the February 21, 2012 decision in the case entitled the University of Maryland Medical Systems Corp v. Muti, which provides important guidance for wrongful death litigants.

The link to that opinion can be found at the…


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You Have Been in an Automobile Accident, What Should You Do?

A car accident is not something you can ever predict; however if one does occur, you should know what to do immediately thereafter to reduce the severity of its repercussions. Neil Lanzi, P.A. has compiled step-by-step instructions of what to do immediately after getting into an accident. We hope it helps if that terrible moment ever does occur.

  1. If you can do so safely, pull your vehicle off to the side of the road out of harm’s way.
  2. Whether you are at fault or not,…

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Domain Name Services (Don't Be Fooled)

One of my clients forwarded to me an email he received regarding the renewal of his domain name.  The email had the appearance of an invoice for the renewal.  The problem?  The invoice was not from my client's domain name registrar, but from a vendor that wants my client to transfer his domain away from his existing registrar.

How Does This Work?

If you have a web site, your web site has a registered domain name.  That name (ending with a .com, .net, or another…


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HB986-Parents to pay support to "child" who is enrolled in postsecondary education to age 21

 I saw this posted on another list serve:

It appears that our legislature wants to require parents to provide support for our adult children ages 18-21 that attend college or secondary education.

I welcome your comments as I can see the public need but I doubt many clients would appreciate having to continue to pay support beyond age 18 for up to 4 more years.

HB986:  Family Law – Child Support – Age of Majority – Postsecondary…


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Living in the Cloud(s)

I wrote about cloud computing in an earlier post and discussed some of the general pros and cons involved with the idea.  For attorneys, doctors and other professionals that are regulated, cloud computing creates some new wrinkles.  For attorneys, protecting the confidences of clients is an ethical obligation.  The unauthorized disclosure of client…


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BCBA announces free Public Wi-Fi

The Baltimore County Bar Association recently announced the launch of a new wireless internet network available at the Circuit Court Building in Towson. The network has been made available to the public free of cost as part of a collaborative effort between the BCBA and the Baltimore County Bar Foundation to give back to the community.

The initiative is yet another innovative example of the…


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Article about the Law Offices of Jeffrey Scholnick on Patch.com

Article written by Tyler Waldman of Patch.com about part of my Spanish4Lawyers initiative.

Read the Article...

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Translating Social Security Lingo

It’s no surprise that applicants for Social Security disability benefits typically have more questions than understanding of the process at the beginning. I would too.

The process consists of a language of its own complete with unusual slang and rules. The manner in which a Social Security claim will be judged is dependent on several different classifications. The following is an introduction to some of the lingo.

Social Security classifies work as sedentary, light, medium and…


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Putting the brakes on quick eviction schemes

They have catchy names and fancy logos. They capture the imagination of prospective clients suggesting that this is an easy process.

They are companies advertising on the internet in the effort to lure landlords that want to evict their tenants. This is not to criticize the business model, simply to point out a new business development that might be affecting a disgruntled landlord or tenant near you.

Ms. Natasha Lydon described her feelings one of these companies called…


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