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The Hearing Process for School Expulsion or Suspensions

Once your client has been charged with an infraction of The Baltimore County Public Schools Student Handbook and the Principal unilaterally decides it is serious enough to warrant a hearing , the Principal refers the matter to one of the Superintendent's Designees. They are spread out  geographically so  where the student attends school will determine which Designee hears the case. The hearings are informal and testimony is taken without…

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Are Renewable Marriage Contracts the Future of Marriage?

Lawmakers in Mexico have proposed a new concept in family law; the automatically terminating marriage contract. From the BBC  

That’s right, no serving divorce papers on the other side, no protracted custody litigation in the courthouse, no more lawyers working out the details, really no divorce at all. 

The proposed law makes each new marriage a contract for a set time period selected by the…


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Judge O'Malley announced the appointment of 7 Circuit Court Judges including two for Baltimore City

Here is the Announcement of New Judges appointed to the Circuit Courts today:


Governor O'Malley picks Seven Circuit Court Judges

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If you have a client who has been sued by Sunshine Financial Group on a debt, the case may have been dismissed or reduced

The Maryland Judiciary website reports that more than 300 cases have been dismissed in which Sunshine Financial Group has filed suit to collect a debt.  Sunshine has agreed to dismiss the cases without prejudice and has voluntarily also agreed to reduce the interest and attorney fees on another roughly 340 cases.  Here is the link:

Maryland Judiciary reports lawsuits dismissed

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Beginning January 1, 2012, new Maryland rules will make it tougher for debt buyers to collect their debts in court

The Baltimore Sun reported on September 7, 2011, that Maryland’s Court of Appeals has enacted new rules to protect Maryland debtors-,0,3294034.story .

Reading the new Rules,…


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September 11, 2011 Memorial Dedication, Baltimore, MD- "Darkness is the Great Canvas Against Which Beauty Becomes Visible"

Below is a link to a You Tube video I took today on my Flip Video Camera of Governor O'Malley's speech at the dedication of the Maryland September 11 Memorial Dedication followed by the reading of names of Marylanders who died that tragic day of September 11, 2001.

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On September 11th, we remember residents of Baltimore County who died that day and thank a Baltimore City State’s Attorney who continues to serve

The Maryland 911 Memorial is dedicated today, on the tenth anniversary of that tragic event.  Among the 68 Marylanders who lost their lives that day, five are listed as living in Baltimore County.  Included in that list are Robert John Fangman, Linda Rosenbaum and Cortez Ghee.  A biography of each of can be seen at

However, I would like to highlight two young professionals who…


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Pets Can Be a Problem

My alter Ego--Dr. Dilemma (He's on the Divorce Express Blog which will come to life very shortly)  received this inquiry:


Dear Dr. Dilemma –


My husband and I are separating this week and I’m filing for divorce. We’ve agreed on almost everything – except for the dogs. We bought our prize winning dogs together as puppies and they’re naturally quite attached to each other. My husband says to separate them or let them go back and forth between us on a visitation…


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If you are traveling today, please note the following road closures per a Balto Co Government News Release

Please be safe in your travels:

Dozens of Roads Remain Flooded; Use Caution Page 1 of 2 9/8/2011• Dolfield & Owings Mills (tree partially blocking road)

Precinct 4/Pikesville

• Buckingham&PrinceGeorge • QueenAnnbetweenEssex&VillaNova

Precinct 7/Cockeysville

• Shawan Rd…


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Capital Punishment

I just returned from a trip to Williamsburg, which included a visit to the colonial court. Justice was swift. If you were charged with a felony, you had a jury trial before twelve white men who were property owners in the colony (which extended to the Mississippi River). If you were found guilty, you might be branded on the hand, leaving a painful and permanent reminder of the verdict. More often, you were sent to the gallows within six weeks. No lengthy detentions. No rehabilitation. And if…


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If you have Court in Baltimore City the next couple of days ALLOW YOURSELF ALOT OF EXTRA TIME OR MAKE ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS!!

I am a member of a list serve for the Maryland Association for Justice.  Two attorneys who work downtown & drove to work today have lamented the state of traffic for the next couple of days.  The email below is from a wonderful attorney by the name of Wendy Shiff who is a partner with Salsbury, Clements, Bekman, Marder & Adkins, L.L.C.  I pass it along for your edification. Based on her email below, if you have Court in Baltimore City, depositions or other meetings, you want to allow…


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