Protein Treatments for Hair

When hair becomes very dry and brittle it may be that you need protein. In this case a protein treatment may be the solution to the problem.

A protein treatment can add shine and luster to damaged or dry hair to enhance its appearance. Protein treatments smooth the cuticle, which increases the resistance and helps the hair not to sponge and reduce the static.

Hair that has been chemically treated or that has been stylized with excess hot appliances can benefit from a home protein treatment.

Next I leave some recipes on how to get masks or protein caps.
Egg Treatments

One of the most popular ingredients for making hair protein treatments is the egg.

To make this cap or mask we will need:
– 1 or 2 egg yolks depending on length of hair
– 2 tablespoons olive oil

If you have greasy hair then you should use only whites.

To apply it should be applied on untangled and washed hair. It is applied with an emphasis on the dry tips and covered with a towel or a bath cap. Natural beauty. Leave for 12 minutes and rinse with water. The treatment is repeated once a week for a month. It is then applied once a month.

It is important to note that some hair does not like the protein. Also applying excess protein may rather leave the hair stiff and opaque. If you are not sure what effect protein could have on your hair, it is best to start with little and increase gradually as the hair goes by accepting it.
Protein to grow hair

Including enough protein in the daily diet also helps the hair grow faster and become healthier because the main component of hair is protein. Rich sources of protein are fish, eggs, yogurt and wheat germ and tofu.

In addition to including enough protein in your diet, it is also important to sleep at least eight hours a day, exercise properly, and reduce stress.

Taking a multivitamin supplement that includes B vitamins can help provide the body with the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain hair health.

Other Home Remedies for Hair

Unflavored gelatin is a good source of protein and therefore can be used as a treatment for dry and damaged hair. Here we leave a recipe to repair hair with gelatin without flavor.

In my experience the best mask for dry hair I have done has been a mask with unsalted butter. It left my hair shiny, soft and conditioned. Butter fat feeds the hair strand and therefore the hair looks healthier. In this link I leave the recipe for the butter mask for dry hair.

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