PS4: Sony makes patent applications for VR glove

Up to now, Sony had used the standard PS4 controller or a Playstation Move motion controller for demonstration demonstrations of its PS4 exclusive Virtual Reality headset “Playstation VR”. But this does not seem to satisfy the Japanese. Neogaf has now patented patent applications that involve a virtual reality glove.

Sony: Is there a special glove for the Playstation VR?

If the description in the applications is correct, the gloves are not used to determine the position of the hand in the room by means of optical sensors. Rather, it is a question of capturing the rotation of the hand and the curvature of the fingers, and to give the user a haptic feedback when, for example, the user touches or touches an object in the virtual space.

As a preferred use, Sony cites tasks in the field of sports and games in the patents. For price and release period, there are no further details.

Sony tries to capture the broken VR hype again. President and CEO Kazuo Hirai told the magazine Gamespot that he was unsure as to whether the restricted topic Virtual Reality, which was limited in its application possibilities, would really become the next major topic in the electronics industry: “I do not know if it is the next big platform Which covers everything. But much is about virtual reality. We see this as an exciting addition to video games and entertainment. It will open up many possibilities for us. But I’m not sure if it’s the next big thing. I do not believe that people will use the on the road much and run with spectacles. Virtual reality is something for the home. ”

The Playstation VR headset is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2016. To the price and the release date has not yet given any data. Those who are interested in the “Playstation 4 giveaway” -event are hoping for the “Game Developers Conference” (GDC) to take place on 15 March 2016 in San Francisco.

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