Red Chili Benefits Benefits For Health (Drugs)

Red chili is internationally known as Pepper, estimated to come from mainland Central America, South to peru. In Indonesia, red peppers known as an ingredient in cooking.

efficacy benefits of red chili

Red chilli in Indonesia better known as spice, from the tamanan efficacious herbs. But apparently this plant also has many benefits for the health benefits that its presence began to be taken into account in herbal medicine.

The content of the natural chemical in red chilies, among which capsaicin, dihidrokopsaisin, Vitamins (A dab C), resins, dyestuffs kapsantin, carotene, kapsarubin, zeasantin, kriptosantin, clan lutein, and minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus, and niacin)

Chilies believed efficacious treatment of rheumatism, ulcers, toothache, influenza, and improve appetite. While the sap of young leaves in the community is used to simplify the process persalianan, treat ulcers, and toothache.

Here are some ways to process and how to use it to address several diseases:

Fresh red chilies are dried, then crushed to a powder. Take approximately 10 g of red chili powder, then pour in ½ cup hot water. Stir until well blended chili powder, set aside some time. Furthermore, the steeping water massaged into the entire body.

To treat ulcers, wipe some leaves chili. Grease leaf chili with vegetable oil, then layukan over low heat. While still warm, the chili paste leaves on the skin that is injured.

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