Runs in Time Through the Painted Guachipas Cave

This is one of Salta’s archaeological gems. There are 33 roofs with pictures of religious ceremonies, wars and scenes of everyday life of indigenous people.

Visiting the Cave of Guachipas Cave is to visit the sacred site that serves as a speech for the indigenous people in the Salta region. Discovered in 1965, the paintings were distributed on thirty-three rooftops of Cerro Pintado, and correspond to the period between 900 and 1400. However, the record of this place was known in 1903, thanks to the work of archaeologists Eric Borman and Juan Bautista Ambrosetti.

This national historical monument is located in Paraje de las Juntas, about 30 kilometers from the city of Guachipas and 115 from the city of Salta. In the work, travelers will be able to appreciate the auquénidos motifs, “shields” of men and abstract shapes. On the other hand, these pictures depict scenes of everyday life, among which are religious ceremonies, wars and other animals such as jaguars, birds, insects, suris and llamas.

The history of the place is impregnated on its walls and is a testimony of different periods and levels of civilization before the arrival of the Spaniards. At this time, the best preservation wing is Ambrosetti, which is surrounded by wires for the preservation of the better art of Guachipas city, known as a great artist.


It’s like a journey in time, where we will walk in the footsteps of our ancestors to find a little history that is known today. Tempat wisata nyaman. The cave is at a distance of about 30 kilometers from the village of Guachipas, the path is crossed by a cornice road by the Cebilar slope until it finally arrives at Las Juntas (Cuevas de Guachipas).

In the caves you can find that nature is nurtured in its fullness if the lover observes birds or landscape photography is the place shown.

The first novelty about the existence of a painted cave, back in 1903, when Eric Boman and Juan Bautista Ambrosetti, began to study it. Ambrosetti roofing, at Cerro de las Cuevas Pintadas or Las Juntas, is best preserved of all, as it is fenced with cables to protect it from vandals. The painting is made on the chalk formations of the Cretaceous period and its shape, the result of red sandstone, stands out over the surrounding mountain ranges.

Painted Guachipas cave paintings are shaped by thirty-three roofs, where native people leave abstract shapes and shapes. The dominant motif is the camel and the “shield”, which is an anthropomorphic figure with a great diversity of shapes, colors and styles. In the panel there are scenes and characters from everyday life, from other historical periods: religious ceremonies, fighters and animals like, suris, jaguar, birds, insects and llamas.

The site is sanctified to the Sun, whose real name is “Oma Sacopo” (This means the sine of the sun’s pyramid). Cat requires special care, to avoid the progress of mosses, mosses and aerobic plants, which gradually take over this place due to lack of care.

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