Smartphone Voting – IS IT FEASIBLE, THINK ABOUT Now?

Does it seem sensible to simplify our elections and invite voting by smartphone? It looks like a good notion on the top, but would it not be safe from hackers. We seem to be to have an iphone app for everything these full days, how about a voting app? Well, this theme arrived up at our Think Fish tank just lately, and one thinker mentioned;

“I must admit it’s very hard to trust the federal government and it gets harder every day. So I can understand the issues with giving more freedoms to the government completely, however, I don’t feel that the voting iphone app would hand out ever again freedoms than simply heading to a physical poll. The software is merely a quicker way to take action and it will save you the common American one or two dollars’ well worth in gas money traveling there and back again.”

Regarding a ‘voting misuse and app’; well, although simply a tool to boost efficiency and since a voting software would only be considered a tool for a faster feed-back loop for government and politicians, in a single regard that might be an excellent thing, on another it allows government to go faster. Among the reasons I assume that we have assessments and amounts is to decelerate the swiftness of governmental change, to safeguard the countrywide federal government from moving too fast and finding people off-guard.

In a sizable complex system stableness is important of course, if things are changing extremely fast and folks are uncertain they stop spending and businesses stop spending and we’ve issues. People who have done permanent planning may be caught with rapid changes and lose their nest eggs, and politicians can power their agendas quicker, which really is a problem too.

I assume it is determined by how it can be used, and we wouldn’t know until we attempted it. You will discover Study Apps, and polling programs out there, however they are not trusted, after they were sponsored by the federal government, they would be used on a regular basis – the frequency of their use is important, how often as long as they be used and then for what forms of things? And, imagine if citizens want to opt out? Not vote? Don’t want incessant text messages?

Then exactly like our voting apathy would occur. What goes on when people vote and the federal government bureaucracy does another thing anyway – which is normally the case, even the expenses and laws and regulations in Washington DC will be the exact contrary with their name often; “Affordable Healthcare Act” for instance, nothing affordable about any of it. Think upon this.

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