Social Media HootSuite Integrates Instagram

Social Media HootSuite Integrates Instagram

HootSuite integrates Instagram: advice by Optimized Group for use of photographic social network for social media strategy of companies. In line with the requirements of users in the HootSuite dashboard integrates Instagram to program and monitor the social media content.

The social network photo counts 7 million users in Italy is a very useful tool to increase brand awareness and increase business online. These days, while HootSuite Implemented Instagram platform for the professional management of social media channels were launched Instagram the Ads API.

You can buy advertising space to post targeted, like what is already happening on Facebook and Twitter. Estimated revenues of Instagram will increase dramatically due to advertising moving, until reaching the 2.81 billion dollars within the next three years (source: eMarketer).

Currently HootSuite has announced on his blog the ability to program post, comment and appreciate the content, mention and interact with followers and therefore plan directly from desktop activities on social media photo.

To better understand how to implement the engagement on social networks, retain customers and transmit core values ??of your brand here is the advice of the social media agency Optimized Group, long a leader in the field of online marketing for SEO Services, SEM, Digital PR and Social Media Marketing.
Create a profile and optimize it

To promote a project on social networks, you must first choose the most suitable channels to the message you want to convey and the niche market and create a page or a company profile on various social networks selected. If we talk about the visual arts, design, events and lifestyle consider platforms like Instagram and Pinterest will prove to be, certainly, a winning choice.

Do not forget to include in your profile Instagram a brief description about your brand and a link to the website of reference.

He tells the story of the brand imaging

Feel free to upload photos and video to tell this to your followers and potential customers the story of your brand: doing so will increase the confidence in dell’aziende and, hand in hand, the rate of conversions.

Use the hashtag consciously

Use hashtag ad hoc in the captions of your pictures on Instagram and in the comments, so as to give the maximum possible relevance to your content. Plan Strategy and posts in relation to trends.

Engage customers by making them known, collaborate, support and encourage comments and shares part of your fanbase, just so you can get the visibility that your project needs.

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