Style tips for women

1. find a good tailor fit is everything!
In an ideal world, we would make a pilgrimage in the London savile row and let us tailor coats, blazers and dresses made of finest materials by experienced professionals in the body. The realistic alternative can be found also with you around the corner:small change tailors, which ensure that ends the new pencil skirt exactly in the rightplace and you no longer sinks in the vintage jacket. Only, if clothes really well, you look really well in it. So, invest a few extra euros and let’s shorten the tailor of your confidence, enhance, taillieren or to sew like crazy.


2. don’t go to the size
36, 38 or 44 are just despicable figures that anything about testifying, whether a piece of clothing fit and you feel it well. Buy only parts that really suit you. And cuts the small piece of paper with the size information out if it irritates you that you are wearing a number larger than usual.


3. invest in clever underwear
A good sitting bra and briefs, which neither tweak is still too and are not emerging,are the basis for a successful Outift. With the right including the clothes fall in better and you feel more comfortable. Take your time and let you advise in a shop.


4. find out what cuts flatter you and stick to it
“If I would weigh only five kilos of less, the Skinny Jeans sitting perfectly…” Instead of working you on such thoughts, you should plug prefer your energy in the search after the right cut for your figure. You get compliments regularly, if you carry the slightly issued dress? Then buy another one! In Bell Bottoms you feel much more comfortable than in skin tight jeans? Then make your trademark. The mini skirt-and-sneaker-type are you? Why should you hide then in a maxi skirt?


5. use the magic powers of accessories
That comes from a Lady of world without accessories, Christian Dior has encountered in the 1950s in his “dictionary of elegance”. And Yes, we get back, but you can sayit often enough: A chain of eye-catcher or a silk scarf currently like to closely around the neck worn knotted one can turn into a real outfit fade combo of pants andT-Shirt.


6 beware of materials
Good material is not necessarily more expensive! Buy yourself a classic white blousemade of cotton or a beautifully patterned dress from viscose so basics, are the perfect accomplice for fashion fraud. No one realizes that they cost only 19,90 euro. Beware, however, of synthetic fibres! A wrap dress from polyester Jersey, which electrically charges your hair or sweater made of acrylic with fluff look like a fast Grabbeltisch.


7 watch out for sale: Verfalle not on a shopping spree!
The trick is: spend money to save! Do you know how much money each month youinvested in fashion? You even write up to spend much in passing for a bargain in the discounters or the slightly too small, but cheap ballerinas in the sale. So at homecollecting mountains of shoes that press, and clothes, which look after the first washafter dress collection. The pretty sum which so comes together better invested in ahigh-quality part. Her proves considerably more style than with four different models made of plastic with a great handbag made of genuine leather.


8 lip stick, lip balm, lipstick
Not only the clothes you wear, but also details such as hair and makeup are crucial for a great appearance. Who loves simple outfits like shirts with jeans or plain-coloured dresses, can wear this for example just consistently a bright lipstick. You will be remembered to you: “This is but which the eversogreat red lips…”

9. organize your closet

After the crap out, you can get an overview for you about your wardrobe. Color combinations that change like a red thread through your wardrobe, help to establish apersonal style, and to be less dependent on the whims of fashion. Are you perhaps the black and white type? Super! Or lands her repeatedly with cream-light grey white? Congratulations! Remains and only once in a while give you a fashionable refresher.


10 go to a long term relations
You buy for example a fitted Blazer. He is timeless and looks perfect for jeans and converse chucks, but also to khaki pants and Ethnoschal or elegant Marlene pants and blouse.

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