Take Your Time

I spent an hour in a bank with my father. He was about to transfer a sum of money. I could not help but ask. “Why not just activate internet banking?” Motivator Indonesia

“Why do we have to do that?” My father asked.

“Yes, so we do not need to spend an hour just to transfer. We could even online shopping, and everything will be very easy. “I’m so eager to introduce her to the world of internet banking.

My father then asked, “So we do not have to leave the house?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I said excitedly. I told him even vegetables can be sent up to the front door. And how big companies like Amazon and Alibaba is able to send whatever we want and our message!

Answer my parents made my tongue caught.

“Since my father into the bank today, the father had met with four friends, chatted briefly with bank employees are familiar with our families well. You know, son, father and mother’re living alone. Temanlah we need. ”

My father continued. “Today, for the father, meeting others feel important. Two years ago, my father fell ill. Subscription shop owner and his son to visit his father, sitting in the living room, chatting and entertaining accompany us. When mother fell when the morning a few days ago, a security guard around to see it and immediately drove the mother to the house, because he knows where we live. ”

“Do fathers and mothers will experience the human touch if things get online? Dad wants to get to know who is related to the father. Not just a ‘seller’. It creates a bond and a sense of security. Son, technology is indeed important but is not the essence of life. Remember to spend time with people around you, not gadgets. “

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