Tauge Benefits for Health

Tauge name, we usually encounter in food soup, pecel and others. Tauge is very famous in Indonesia. But who would have thought this food has health benefits for our bodies. In addition to bean sprouts, this food is also commonly called sprouts. Tauge consists of vitamins B, C, B1, B6, K and A. In addition, bean sprouts are also a source of foods rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and manganese, and omega 3 fatty acids. To be used as a source of enzymes for the body.

Enzymes are used by our body to increase energy so that the body will feel healthy and fit. Tauge has a lot of oxygen content, so it can help improve blood circulation in the body, eliminate bacteria, improve defense mechanisms, and others. Sprouts or sprouts can be consumed ripe and raw. But some argue that bean sprouts or sprouts should be consumed in order to prevent the risk of E coli contaminating vegetables. But do not be too long in cooking bean sprouts because it will reduce vitamin levels.

Tauge Benefits For Health

The bean sprouts

Prevent cancer. Tauge helps drying harmful particles in the colon. By pressing the dirt directly leave the colon, so that almost no toxic substances in the dirt that can absorb the whole body. And will also avoid the buildup of toxic compounds that can increase the development of cancer seeds.

Prevent heart attacks and strokes. People who suffer from strokes and heart attacks are due to elevated blood lipid levels. Therefore it is recommended to consume bean sprouts because bean sprouts can help eliminate bad cholesterol without disturbing the fat of HDL.

For prevention of osteoporosis. Estrogen in bean sprouts or sprouts will increase bone thickness, bone structure and stop bone decay.

Boost the immune system. Tauge helps to boost immunity by increasing the activity of blood vessel cells especially T-cell lymphocytes as well as interferon.Tauge is rich in anti-oxidants that build-up the body from free radicals.

Good for digestion. Tauge is very good for maintaining the level of acidity of the stomach as well as aids digestion. Fiber content that can easily help increase the contraction of the gastrointestinal tract, thus helping to smooth the bowel movement.

Improve fertility. Bean sprouts are very beneficial to help improve sperm quality. The content of vitamin E, especially vitamin E-alpha, can help in increasing fertility for men.

Good for skin. Sprouts can also be used for skin beauty. This is caused by the content of bean sprouts rich in vitamin E.

To lose weight. Tauge is a food that contains almost no fat. In 124 grams of bean sprouts contains only 0.11 grams of fat. Therefore, bean sprouts are suitable for diet.

Prevent menstrual disorders and menopause. De-oxidation content in bean sprouts can easily increase blood flow to avoid and neutralize factors that can cause illness. If you often consume sprouts before the monthly period can help avoid problems throughout menstruation. Eating sprouts like a source of vitamin E can also help avoid the perceived heat disturbance in pre menopause.

Good for women. Eating sprouts regularly by women can help them prevent breast cancer, menstrual problems, pre-menopausal symptoms, and problems due to menopause.

With so many benefits we can get, we should be grateful because bean sprouts can grow easily and the price is cheap. Do not forget to share with friends about the benefits of bean sprouts for our health. Share on facebook, twitter, gplus or other social media.

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