That Toothache Extortion By 22,000 Euros On Facebook And Whatsapp!

That Toothache Extortion By 22,000 Euros On Facebook And Whatsapp!

Whatsapp and Facebook do not jump into the limelight only to the numbers and notices but also for serious incidents of extortion in this case, a false Turin dentist took advantage of the two apps to extort 22 thousand euro, for a patient who had played the interventions to 10,000.

To receive payment, the fake dentist (Salvatore F. 45 years) has hired another person and threatened the victim on Facebook and Whatsapp After the complaint of the victim, the police have arrested the perpetrator of extortion and denounced the fake dentist who must also respond to improper exercise of the medical profession.

After the speeches, the fake dentist would tell the patient the exponential increase in the cost (from 10,000 to 22,000) repeatedly threatening him, through a third party, on Whatsapp and Facebook it seems that the three (fake dentist, victim and also henchman hired to collect the money) had met in prison, where the first, which has a dental technician diploma, he was for fraud.

Once back into the wild, the man was put to practice the profession of dentist misused. Threats, according to the findings by the police, were started since last June. The area doubled, from 10 thousand to 22 thousand euro, had taken place without any reason according to the complainant, who may have suffered irreversible damage, yet to be assessed, for the interventions suffered the teeth.

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