The Beauty of Telaga Warna Wisata Bogor

One of the favorite places for residents of the capital and surrounding areas on the weekend is to visit the tourist attraction in the Peak area, Bogor. The location is cool and can be reached within one hour drive from Jakarta.

The problem is, to be able to experience the duration of the trip for an hour, you need to leave early in the morning and work through the Ciawi toll exit before nine o’clock in the morning. This time we want to share information and guide on vacation to Puncak with boundary area starting from exit toll Jagorawi (Ciawi) to a border with Cianjur. And along with this path there are many interesting places for you to travel with family, friends, and lovers.


Cisarua Safari Park. The object in the form of the first modern zoo in Indonesia is the most crowded place visited by tourists both on weekends and holidays. This success continued with the creation of a second safari park in Prigen, Malang area and then built also in Bali called Bali Safari & Marine Park. Cisarua Safari Park location is quite close from the toll booth Ciawi and only takes 10 minutes. This ride is highly recommended if you want to Puncak.


Taman Wisata Matahari. This place is the second most popular in Puncak Bogor. And that makes the garden of the Sun favored visitors from Rental Mobil Jakarta Murah because the game object is complete and the tariff is cheap. The location of the Sun Park is in Cisarua, right in the middle of the journey to Puncak Pass if you depart from  Jakarta.
Sunshine Park
The Sun Park

Waterfall Cilember. Curug Cilember location is still in the area Cisarua. This fascinating place is very popular with nature lovers because of the camping ground near the waterfall. To get to the bottom of this waterfall, you need to walk about 10 minutes from the entrance of Curug Cilember. If you are looking for fresh natural attractions, Cilember Bogor Curug is your must visit.

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation. The location of this resort is right at the top of this region called Puncak Pass. Anyone who comes must take a moment to stop for a moment around this Tea garden. Maybe to take pictures or enjoy the beauty of nature. If you have visited there Patenggang or to Lembang, then the atmosphere of Mount Mas Tea plantation is very similar. In fact, the number of food vendors with exotic saung-saung more here. Just imagine, eating roasted corn in the middle of the tea garden and provided a cup of coffee. Especially if you come to this peak tea garden accompanied by a lover.
Mountain mas
Peak Tea Garden

Taman Riung Gunung. The location of this park is around Puncak Pass. Privileged Riung Gunung is offering to lodge around tea gardens. Imagine cool even cold weather in the morning that will make your body fresh if staying here. In this place is an available playground for children and jogging track and sports field for the family. The cool pool is also an interesting attraction for you.
Ring mountain
Taman Riung Gunung

The city of Flowers. This luxury villa complex is laid out in such a way that the tourists who come, usually do not travel to other places. Simply playing in the area of ​​Flower City which is located quite close to the Peak Pass it was already satisfied. There are swimming pools, playgrounds, artificial lakes as well as traveling around thematic villa complexes with the signature of the countries of the world making your holiday memorable. In fact, one of the very beautiful parks near the entrance there is a pool with fountains and statues of horses, quite busy stopping and often used as a photo object by the visitors.

Outbound games at Resort Peak Area. Do you like to play flying fox, glide or even Gantole? Soon visit this Peak resort, which is located opposite the villa town Flowers. Guaranteed you are satisfied to play with family in this tourist spot. The gardens available are nicely laid out, you can also enjoy the natural beauty and the surrounding tea gardens.
The resort’s peak garden
Puncak Resort

Telaga Warna lake. This fascinating object lies on the border between Bogor and Cianjur. This very beautifully colored, calm lake actually has a dominant green color. But when the weather is good, the clear water reflects the colors of the trees and other colors around it to beautify the lake. This is why the locals give the name Telaga Warna. Do not worry because the entrance ticket to this resort is classified as the cheapest in the Peak area.
Lake at the summit
Telaga Warna lake

Seruni Tematik Hotel. A hotel that is arranged in such a way that attracts a special tourist attraction especially for guests who stay. What is interesting in this area is an available swimming pool with a beach theme. You seem to be on the beach in Bali complete with white sand. It is said that the owner of this hotel is from Bali and try to bring the atmosphere of the beach to the mountain area in Puncak Bogor. Wowww ..!
Beach theme pool in seruni
Thematic Swimming Pool

Citamiang. This tourist attraction is a very popular camping ground and favorite visitors in the region Peak. Especially every year there are additional games on outbound games Citamiang. At this location is also available an attractive pool with cool temperatures that refresh visitors.


Travel Tips

If you want to vacation in this cool area, you should read in advance about the following travel tips. That is:

You should come early in the morning. Be sure to pass through Jagorawi’s exit at Ciawi before 9 am on weekends or holidays. Because the area of ​​Puncak Bogor is applied traffic system open close one way.
Because the road to the Peak is not too wide and many motorcycles bersliweran, you should avoid the use of luxury cars. There are always complaints of car tourists scratched by motor drivers who nyelonong in the middle of the road. So also sometimes found angkot who scramble passengers so inconsiderate in this narrow street.
We recommend that you reserve a hotel that will be used a place to stay. Indeed, the number of villas and hotels in the area of ​​Puncak Bogor very much, but only a few comfortable lodging is left during weekends and holidays. Unless the “what is” condition does not matter to you and your family.
When you want to go home, pay attention to your return hours because the traffic system is open close. Preferably before 8 o’clock in the morning if you come down from above or all in the afternoon or evening.
Because the sights here are quite a lot, you should prepare a clear timetable. In order for all interesting objects that we submit can be visited all, although it seems difficult if visited all in one day.
Quite complete, is not it? All places of interest and benitoite are located in the tourist area of ​​Puncak Bogor. If you want to visit 10 objects, it’s not enough just one or two days vacation here. Because each place is very stunning and not infrequently also visitors are in one place during the day. You would be impressed if you spend your vacation in this area.

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