The benefits of Betel Leaves Red and Green For Health  

Acquainted with the benefits of red betel leaves and betel green and efficacious compounds for health.

Betel leaves there are several kinds, namely red betel leaves, betel betel green and black. But that is popular in the community are red and green betel betel. All three can be distinguished from the color of its leaves.

Green betel leaf vines are found among the trees in a rural area and first used as a herbal plants than red betel. While the red betel itself can be found in forest areas that are not too heavy. Its function is to be used as an ornamental plant because the colors are quite nice. But along with the development of human knowledge, red betel began to glance into traditional medicinal plants.

Some of the content contained in the essential oil produced by the oil betel leaf is flying (betiephenol), seskuiterpen, starch, diastase, sugar and tannic substances and kavikol that have deadly germs, aktioksidasi and fungicides, anti-fungal.

Benefits Betel Leaves Red

Red betel
Red betel images
As well as being antiseptic, red betel can also be used to treat diabetes, with red betel drinking boiled water every day will lower blood sugar levels to the normal level.

Besides red betel plant has benefits hemorrhoid cure, vaginal discharge and can be used as a mouthwash, because alkaloids in this red betel which serves as an anti-microbial.

1. Overcoming Whitish

Efficacy of red betel leaf is used to reduce vaginal discharge and keeping the female organs, because one of the properties of red betel leaves are as antiseptic. Namely by boiling 7-10 red betel leaves, and then use boiled water to rinse the female organs.

2. Eliminates body odor

Take 2-3 pieces of betel leaves soaked in hot water 1 / 2gelas.ditambah one teaspoon of white sugar. Allow the water to lukewarm. After betel taken, the water is drunk.

3. Eliminate BREATH

One betel leaves after washed chewed, detained bebearapa minutes in the mouth and then spit out. Do it 2-3 times a day. Another way 5-6 betel leaves boiled with 2 cups water to boil. Cool and strain and then to rinse your mouth every morning and afternoon.

Ingredients and Benefits Betel Green

Green betel
Green Betel image
According to the literature, green betel leaf content very much. Some compounds include: essential oils, phenyl propane, estragol, kavicol, hidroksikavicol, kavibetol, caryophyllene, allylpyrokatekol, cyneole, cadinene, tannins, diastase, starch, terpennena, sesquiterpene, and sugar. All substances that cause such betel destined to be plants that can nourish the human being, because the rich benefits and usefulness.

Here are some of the benefits and efficacy of green betel leaf for health:

1. Fluid Green betel leaf can be used for medicinal and non-lethal pest spray plants. Disease and lice that attack the crop will be lost.

2. Able to treat toothache and swollen gums. It’s easy, chewing betel leaves Green sufficiently. Or rinsing with betel leaf decoction is. Toothache and swollen gums, will gradually disappear.

3. Betel Leaves Green, could be trusted to treat vaginal discharge. Boil the leaves with moderation. Can be taken, in addition to the water to wash the vagina.

4. For those who are affected by canker sores, green betel leaf, can be a good solution. Chew the leaves or gargle with a decoction. Green betel leaf can cure canker sores.

5. When regularly gargled with green betel stew, unpleasant mouth odor will disappear.

6. Betel Green, leaves are also believed to be able to treat dengue. Drink decoction of the leaves, can kill germs that cause dengue fever. Or apply mill betel leaf Green to the body, smeared, mosquitoes causing dengue fever did not dare to bite.

7. Drinking boiled water can facilitate irregular menstruation

8. Able to treat Asthma

9. Treat strep throat

10. Water decoction can be used to clean eye

11. Can eliminate underarm odor

12. Being able to treat burns. The trick grab betel leaf green, heat that wilted, then put on the burns.

13. When the nose kept bleeding (nosebleeds), Green betel leaf rolls stuffed in the nose, can make the blood that came out was stopped. So it can be used as medicine nosebleed.

14. Eliminate itching on the skin. The way Green betel leaf smeared collision, into parts of the body that itch, itch so undoubtedly subside or even disappear altogether.

15. Green Betel leaves can also be to treat eczema, or other skin diseases.

16. Plants Green Betel, it can repel ants, mosquitoes, flies and other insects. In the vicinity of the location of these plants, ants and insects would step aside.

Well, do not ever hesitate to plant betel plant in your yard. Because in addition to good to be used as an ornamental plant, betel leaf green and red betel proved to have many health benefits.

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