The benefits of the pecan great for beauty and health

Hazelnut is not just for seasoning, but also has many benefits.

Pecan great benefit for beauty and great kesehatanManfaat hazelnut for beauty and health
Hazelnut is a spice commonly found in tropical areas. However, the benefits of the pecan is not only good to be used as a spice in cooking only. Hazelnut also has great benefits that you may not know.

Digestive system
If you have any problems with the digestive system, it is immediately overcome with herbs this one because eating pecan can prevent dysentery, diarrhea, and constipation. To treat dysentery and diarrhea, boil 20 grams of pecan bark with 2 cups water to boil and the remaining one cup. Drink herb while warm.

Meanwhile, hazelnut herb for constipation can be consumed by mixing one fruit that has been finely ground hazelnut, urang aring leaves 30 grams, 10 grams of cinnamon, 5 grams pulosari, 6 grams of fennel, 2 cloves of garlic, and salt to taste. Sebayak mix with 800ml water and boil until the remaining 400ml. Strain and drink.

Strengthen and beautify hair
Hazelnut diercaya also able to strengthen and beautify the hair. The trick is to grind 6 hazelnut and mixed with a little water, and heat to remove the oil. Use these oils for the hair mask.

Treating toothache
You often experience a toothache can use kitchen ingredients this one as a way to cope. The trick is to shed a pecan leaf sap sick to the teeth three times a day. Let’s try to put into practice!

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