The Bread In The World, All Types Of Bread And Different Preparations

The Bread In The World, All Types Of Bread And Different Preparations

The bread in the world: here are the most popular types of bread and different preparations! Bread is one of the most consumed foods in the world, but is also one of the foods of which there are several variants. The importance of bread in our diet is often overlooked, but in reality this valuable food source of fiber and carbohydrates is important. But what are the most popular types of bread that are prepared in different countries of the world? Discover them all!

The bread is a food that brings us back to the past, because its origin is remote and ancient. There are many types of bread that today we can find on the market and there are many forms that are often given to this food. However, the basic ingredients to make bread are common flour, water, salt and yeast (also called natural “sourdough” or yeast). The flour used to make bread may be different, as for example the integral, spelled, rye, soy or other again and also the ingredients used to produce the bread may be different. Often this food is purchased, but you can prepare it at home, perhaps taking a cue from various preparations of bread in the world. Here, then, some breads best known!

French baguette
The baguette is famous for the contrast between the crisp crust and the crumb delicate, but is also characterized by narrow and long. Often it is purchased, but this type of bread can be played at home.

Indian naan bread
Typically Indian (but common in other parts of Central and South-East Asia), this bread made from wheat is essential during the traditional Indian meals. Baked in a special oven “tandoori”, served smearing of ghee, a special ghee.

It ‘a typical Sardinian bread, unique because it is made up of layers very thin and crispy: prepared with wheat flour, lends itself to many preparations and recipes. In addition, it is also called paper music for the extraordinary resemblance to the scrolls on which were once composed sacred music.

Unleavened bread
The term unleavened means “without yeast.” This bread is typical of Jewish tradition and is prepared without using the yeast, but only with water and flour before being baked.

Arabic bread
Arabic bread is typical of Middle Eastern cuisine: bread is a round, flat and often baked in clay downs. This bread usually accompanies dishes and stuffed with meat and vegetables and is also prepared at home by Arab women.

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