The Dangers of TB In Children

TB is a type of disease that comes from a bacterium called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. People infected with this bacteria will transmit the disease through coughing, sneezing, screaming or while singing. These bacteria move through the air. So, do not approach people affected by tuberculosis because it is very easy to spread.
What is the danger of tuberculosis in children?

Children affected by tuberculosis, although it can spread easily but the rate of transmission is not as in adults. Transmission can be through toys or foods that have been consumed by children before. Therefore, children who have this disease must be kept clean. TB is very dangerous for children under 5 years old. Especially when the child has a weak immune system.

There are two stages of TB disease, which are infected by TB bacterial infections in the body but do not become sick and are infected by active TB bacterial infection and become ill because of it. When a child is infected with this bacterium, it means the child contracts this bacteria from an adult who has active TB infection. Most people who are infected with this type of infection are unaware that they have been infected because they themselves do not feel pain.

People infected with TB alone do not transmit the disease to others and do not harm others. To detect this infection can only be done through TB ​​skin test. Small injections will be inserted into the arm to see the presence of these bacteria in the body. The infected person will experience swelling in the former injection. The exact results will only be visible within a day or two days later. Children are people who are quite vulnerable to many diseases including this TB. Activity is active often cause children can not maintain their own health. Parents should be able to monitor all activities and health of their children so that they have a strong endurance and can fight against various diseases. At least strong enough to survive.

Nutrition and nutritional intake are very important. This disease can be prevented and cured. Active TB bacteria usually attack lung organ. That is why people infected with TB active bacteria transmit these bacteria through the air. People who share the same air in one adjacent place have an opportunity to catch this TB infection. Parents should be aware of the dangers of TB in children with a lot of reading and increasing knowledge about TB disease.

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