The impact of El Nino and La Nina

What causes earthquakes – Nature and living things are interrelated components. Both affect each other. Without natural living beings will not be able to survive because of the needs of living things found in nature. Conversely, without their natural living things no one would have cared so it would look bad. Nature and living things influence each other, as well as with the events that occur in it.

Natural experience a wide variety of events. Lots of natural events that occur and have an impact on other natural conditions. One peistiwa in nature is El Nino  and La Nina. Yes, these two events have a unique name is an event that is already known. Both are associated with the sea. On this occasion we will discuss about the impact of El Nino and La Nina, both globally and for the conditions for Indonesia.

Understanding El Nino and La Nina

Before discussing the impact of both, it would be better if we reiterate the understanding of both. El Nino and La Nina is a natural occurrence that indicate climate change . El Nino is a warming of the event at the sea surface temperature Turkish  West Peru – Ecuador in South America that cause interference with the global climate. Sea surface temperatures that occur in the area is cool for their up-welling.

Ie currents from the ocean floor that leads to the surface. While El Nino name itself means a boy because of the rise around Christmas or at the end of December. While La Nina is the opposite of El Nino. La Nina is a return to normal weather conditions setalh experienced El Nino. In language, La Nina itself has meaning baby girl.

The impact of El Nino and La Nina

El Nino and La Nina is a natural event that has wide or global impact. In general, the impact of these events is as follows:

The impact of El Nino:

  1. East trade winds become weaker
  2. The weakening of the monsoon circulation
  3. Accumulated rainfall in Indonesia, Central America and northern South America to be reduced, and the weather tends to be cooler and dry.
  4. The potential there is rain along the Central Equatorial Pacific and the West as well as in the area of Argentina. In this area which is considered likely to warm weather and too humid.
  5. Indonesia experienced a dry season
  6. Indonesia hit by drought due to lower rainfall
  7. Be declining fish catches
  8. Many who experience vaginal discharge shells or coral bleaching

That some of the impact of El Nino phenomenon that can arise either globally or for Indonesia. El Nino impacts or dry weather conditions that Indonesia is not fertile conditions

The impact of La Nina

Because of La Nina is the opposite of El Nino, the impact was the opposite of El Nino effect also. Some of the effects of La Nina are as follows:

  1. East trade wind rose
  2. Indonesia experienced an increase in precipitation, because Indonesia is a low pressure area
  3. Many flood  in the region of Indonesia because of high rainfall
  4. The area has the potential rainfall western waters

That some of the impact of El Nino and La Nina. Among them, El Nino is indeed more of an impact than La Nina. But they still affect the weather in Indonesia.

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